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    posted a message on it has been around 60 hours since I submitted my new modpack, still hasn't been reviewed,maybe because I didnt get permission?

    What you're experiencing is the September Schedule where Curseforge Employees work for quite literally 7 days this month.
    Made a whole post about it here ^,^

    Waiting on Project Approval? - Click Me for Info - Modpacks - Minecraft - Bounty Board - Forums - Authors CurseForge

    - Ezra

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    posted a message on How can I advertise and grow my mod-pack what’s the best ways to do it?

    If there was a simple list, owners wouldn't pay "community influencers" with IRL$ or In-Game Perks

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    posted a message on Waiting on Project Approval? - Click Me for Info

    Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to make this post to provide information to the Curseforge Author community for Minecraft.

    Without any official announcement Curseforge's site Moderators are on an extensive vacation with extremely few hours.
    This unfortunately means that many of our projects will take anywhere up to two weeks just for the initial approval.
    To make this process easier for the Authors I have tried putting together a list of information to help speed up the process, 
    or even just seeing what days are "working days" this month.

    How to decrease your Curseforge Project's Approval Time:
    #1. Properly explain your project on the Description section explaining YOUR SPECIFIC PROJECT's functions.
    ( For modpacks this means do not include your Server's features unless they are integrated into your modpack offline as well )

    #2. Uploading Images is great, however the more loosely related images you more time adds on your approval.
    ( Try showcasing or spotlighting main features, item sets, gear, weapons, mobs, structures, etc. )

    #3. Updates are required for most modpacks however, don't forget with each update you release it adds to the backlog of projects to be approved.
    ( Take the time to compile updates into 1 bigger update instead of multiple smaller ones if youre project is still "under review")

    Curseforge Site Moderation Schedule for September 2021:
    - Keep in mind these hours are for the PAID & HIRED Curseforge employees, not unpaid volunteers, they still working.
    September 6th, 7th, & 8th No Moderation
    September 9th Moderation will be done!
    September 10th & 11th No Moderation (Normal weekend)
    September 12th, 13th & 14th Moderation will be done!
    September 15th & 16th No Moderation
    September 17th & 18th No Moderation (Normal weekend)
    September 19th Moderation will be done!
    September 20th & 21st No Moderation
    September 22nd & 23rd Moderation will be done!
    September 24th & 25th No Moderation (Normal weekend)

    The main reason I made this post was due to Curseforge never notifying anyone before these schedule changes, so I sat waiting for nearly two weeks. If you would like to support me, simply try out our project! We promise you'll enjoy it. :)

    - Ezra

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