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    Hi everyone. I have played sevtech for a while and I do really love it. My only issue is that a few mods that can really add up to complexity and fun might be missing. For example Thaumcraft. It is complex and has good connections with Tinker's Construct and Blood Magic, and it can really get you into the mood of AbyssalCraft and Astral Sorcery. I think that it can be nicely weaved into the structure of Sevtech and it can really change the world a bit + expand the trees of Bronze and Medieval ages quite nicely. The other mod I had in mind was Witchery which was really fun while it lasted but now is outdated. I have seen a few ways to make it work even while outdated so I guess the modpack creators (who surely have more skill than I do) can make it work easily and connect it to some totemic / blood magic stuff in the earliest ages up to medieval age advancements.

    Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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