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    posted a message on Moving the Achievement Recieved Popup?
    An addon that does the following seems to work:

    function AchievementAlertFrame_FixAnchors()
        if(not AchievementAlertFrame1) then
        AchievementAlertFrame1:SetPoint("RIGHT", UIParent, "RIGHT", 0, 0);

    The second achievement frame is anchored to the top of the first, so only the first ones needs to be moved. Obviously move it to wherever you want it.
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    posted a message on LibDataBroker-1.1 not-really-official thread
    DoubleClick functionality should be pretty easy without resorting to any OnUpdate stuff. I was thinking something like this:

    function ldbObj.OnClick()
       local clickTime = time();
       if(clickTime - lastClickTime <= doubleClickThreshold) then
       lastClickTime = clickTime;
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    posted a message on FuBar - CalendarFu
    There already is an LDB calendar plugin:

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    posted a message on Auto Loot for LDB?
    I just uploaded it now.

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    posted a message on Announcer
    I wrote Announcer to simplify spitting out random messages when I resurrect dead people in raids, but it can be used whenever you want to announce a random message from a group of messages.

    The options are in the Blizzard options frame. The messages need to be setup in the following manner:


    The /announcer command is then used to announce a message. The syntax is:

    /announcer GroupName <Channel>

    where <Channel> is one of:

    GROUP (party/raid/battleground depending on where you are)
    # (where # is the number of a custom chat channel)

    Here's an example.

    Rez~%t will be arriving shortly.
    Rez~Come back to life %t!
    Rez~%t stood in the fire too long!

    Ye olde resurrect macro:
    /announcer Rez SAY
    /cast Redemption

    One of the messages above would be randomly picked and then said.
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    posted a message on StatBlockCore v2: Make use of your broker plugins!
    If you install a new block you'll need to redo the global options. Changing the global font goes through each installed block and changes the font, if you install a new one it'll have whatever the default font is.
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    posted a message on BugGrabber / BugSack -- Ace2'd
    The current version 3.0-beta2 doesn't embed AceAddon-3.0, which causes the LDB display to not display if BugSack is loaded before another addon that uses AceAddon-3.0.
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    posted a message on LDB w/ Multiple Clickable Icons / No Text
    Couldn't you just do something like this? (drycoded)

    for index=1, 8 do
       ldb:NewDataObject("RaidIcon" .. index, {
          type = "launcher",
          icon = [[Interface\TargetingFrame\UI-RaidTargetingIcon_]] .. index,
          OnClick = function(clickedframe, button)
             SetRaidTarget("target", index);

    That should create 8 individual blocks which you could position together.
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