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    Feature request:

    An option under party unit frames to set the vertical spacing between frames.
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    Is there a way to upload settings from one character to another? I have many many alts and would love not to have to manually do the configuration for each.

    I've played around with the 'Profile' submenu but the "copy" option is always grayed out even though I have profiles set up on a couple characters now.

    I can copy the config settings by editing the SavedVariables lua directly, but it seems like the option is there to do it from the gui and I just can't figure out how to use it!
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    I am having trouble scrolling chat text using page up/down on the keyboard. With the default Blizzard chat this works fine, but when I install Prat this functionality disappears. I hate having the click buttons on the screen, but I need some way to scroll through my chat history. I play on a laptop, and often don't have a mouse attached and so can't use the scroll-wheel option. I looked at the Prat_keybindings module but from the short description it didn't seem to address my problem, and anyway when I tried to download it to make sure I got a file not found error.

    I'm trying to switch to as many Ace mods as possible, and I like Prat a lot. Would it be possible to encorporate keybindings to chat scroll? Or is it already there and I'm missing it? Thanks!
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