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    Quote from Moon Witch »

    What messenger is that?

    Looks like Gaim / Pidgin no idea about the skin, though.
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    Quote from Tuller »

    A Wrath compatible version of Combuctor is out. It includes the ability to resize the bag and bank frames, which was one of the main things keeping me from doing actual development work on the thing.

    Heya Tuller. First of all thanks for all your great mods I love them. But any chance that an option to change the scale will be added to the version which works on the live realms as well? Would really really appreciate it but I'm patient don't worry. ;)
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    Quote from wesleydungan »

    I commented out lines 149-152 in sort.lua and BankStack seems to be working a bit better now. The soulbound item test seems to have intorduced the non-deterministic behaivor of the comparison opperation. Specifically, things like my Wolpertinger's Tankard would flip-flop between the first and last positions in my bags each time I sorted.

    Works like a charm. Thanks.
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    I have 2 questions. I've managed to disable the negative numbers that show up in players frames (health deficit me thinks) but i'm unable to turn off the positvie numbers (incoming heals?)

    /grid config - Then go to "Status" - "Incoming Heals" and uncheck enable. Or go to "Frame" - "Center Text" (Or Center "Center Text 2") and uncheck "Incoming heals"
    Also, I use the center icon option alot so I can see player debuffs but it covers up the players name. Is there a way to move the player name up or down in the frame so that it's not covered?

    There's not much you can do other than enabling a second text indicator via "/grid config" - "Frame" - "Advanced" and check "Enable Center Text 2 indicator" that'll give you a 2nd row of text but the only thing you can do really is either reduce the size of the icon or increase the size of the frame itself. Hope I could help.
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    Quote from Elarenda »

    I've seen references to RBM, but what is it?

    RBM, the addon itself, provides a core for a module system based around bars such as respawn timers, boss mods and many more plugins. Just check http://files.wowace.com/sw-r.html.
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