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    I love this mod but it's not picking up all of my spells. It picks up trinkets and items fine, and about half of my Abilties. Foe example, it picks up Gouge and Kidney Shot, but not Coldblood, Vanish, Sprint, Evasion, and some others.

    They appear in the dropdown list of abilties, and are enabled, but still do not show up as bars when they are used.
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    well, I could, but every time you update your AGUF, it will break the combo points, because I have to edit the UnitClass.lua.

    Which is why I'm here humbly asking for more combo point options support.

    I'll see about uploading what I have now.
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    First, I love AGUF. There I've said it. :)

    However, as a rogue, the super-minimal combo point display is hard to easily read.
    Is there any way we can get some support for different ways to view Combo Points?

    -Option to generate combo points Left to Right, or Right to Left.
    -Option to put them above or below the unitframe.
    -Make above options available in the layout file, without having to modify the UnitClass file.

    Here's what I'm using now, which I like.

    I updated the combo.tga, and the UnitClass and layout files.
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