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    I have a problem with Grid_StatusMTs - it won't show MTs set by the bizzard UI for me. I've been using ora2 for ages, but having to type tanks in manually bugged me so I am ditching it. However now, I don't see the MT designator on center text 2 any more. As a test, I enabled MTs under Frame:Center Text, and it cleared the name display and showed nothing at all. Yes the main tanks were set via the UI. No they weren't main assists. Yes, the XPerl tank window showed them. I have also tried ora3 for setting the tanks since it supposedly uses the Blizz designators for it, and still same problem. I deselected all other statuses from the center text 2 frame element. I changed the colour. Nothing worked.

    The grid modules I am running are :
    DynamicLayout, IndicatorCornerText, IndicatorSideIcons, StatusHots, StatusLifebloom, StatusMTs, StatusRaidDebuff, StatusRaidIcons.

    Any ideas?
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