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    No GridStatusBanzai is only a faster/advanced Aggrostatus, for grid.
    I used it to notify, if I have aggro and Gridalert makes some noise/chatmasage.

    But what addon are used to notify about things like, someone has a curable debuff or someone has an important buff/debuff, for such things i used Gridalert to make a sound on this events.
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    Thanks for reply, and moving this in to the right topic.
    I used Gridalert til 4.0, with little code modification.
    But the resent changes are to much for my Lua knowledge.
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    is there an alternate addon for this or is it possible to make it work with the new version of Grid?
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    hi Phanx,

    it is the same.
    Sorry I havn't seen that there is already an full german translation included in the newest version of
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    here is the german translation.

    if GetLocale() == "deDE" then GRIDSTATUSHEALINGREDUCED_LOCALS = {
    	["Healing Reduced"] = "Heilung reduziert",
    	["Healing Prevented"] = "Heilung verhindert",
    	-- Healing reduction debuffs
    	["Aimed Shot"] = "Gezielter Schuss",
    	["Arcing Smash"] = "Bogenzerkracher",
    	["Blood Fury"] = "Kochendes Blut",
    	["Brood Affliction: Green"] = "Brutgebrechen: Gr\195\188n",
    	["Curse of the Bleeding Hollow"] = "Fluch des Blutenden Auges",
    	["Curse of the Deadwood"] = "Fluch der Totenwaldfelle",
    	["Deathblow"] = "Todessto\195\159",
    	["Ebon Poison"] = "Schwarzes Gift",
    	["Filet"] = "Filetieren",
    	["Gehennas' Curse"] = "Gehennas Fluch",
    	["Hex of Weakness"] = "Verhexung der Schw\195\164che",
    	["Magma-Thrower's Curse"] = "Fluch des Magmawerfers",
    	["Mortal Cleave"] = "T\195\182dliches Spalten",
    	["Mortal Strike"] = "T\195\182dlicher Sto\195\159",
    	["Mortal Wound"] = "T\195\182dliche Wunde",
    	["Necrotic Poison"] = "Nekrotisches Gift",
    	["Solar Strike"] = "Sonnenschlag",
    	["Soul Strike"] = "Seelensto\195\159",
    	["Touch of the Forgotten"] = "Ber\195\188hrung der Vergessenen",
    	["Veil of Shadow"] = "Schleier des Schattens",
    	["Wound Poison"] = "Wundgift",
    	-- Healing prevention debuffs
    	["Aura of Suffering"] = "Aura des Leidens",
    	["Enfeeble"] = "Entkr\195\164ften",
    	-- Healing reduction buffs
    	["Dampen Magic"] = "Magie d\195\164mpfen",
    } end
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    here are some of the missing debuffs, for the german localization.
    I'm not sure if all of this names are right.

    For the translation I used http://speedydragon.de/ and http://www.wowhead.com.
    The Eye,Serpentshrine, Karazhan and Zul'Aman are tested and sould be ok, BT and Hyjal are untestet.

    L:RegisterTranslations("deDE", function()
    return {
    ["Raid Debuff"] = "Raid Debuff",
    ["Trash Mob"] = "Trash Mob",

    --Maiden of Virtue
    ["Holy Fire"] = "Heiliges Feuer",
    ["Repentance"] = "Bu\195\159e",
    ["Garrote"] = "Erdrosseln",
    ["Blind"] = "Blenden",
    ["Gouge"] = "Solarplexus",
    --The Big Bad Wolf
    ["Red Riding Hood"] = "Rotk\195\164ppchen",
    --Terestian Illhoof
    ["Sacrifice"] = "Opferung",
    --Prince Malchezaar
    ["Enfeeble"] = "Entkr\195\164ften",

    -- Trash Mobs : Underbog Colossus
    ["Serpentshrine Parasite"] = "Parasit des Schlangenschreins" ,
    ["Rampant Infection"] = "Rasante Infektion",
    -- Hydross the Unstable
    ["Vile Sludge"] = "\195\156bler Schlamm",
    ["Water Tomb"] = "Wassergrab",
    -- Morogrim Tidewalker
    ["Watery Grave"] = "Nasses Grab",
    -- Leotheras the Blind
    ["Whirlwind"] = "Wirbelwind",
    ["Insidious Whisper"] = "Heimt\195\188ckisches Gefl\195\188ster",
    -- Lady Vashj
    ["Static Charge"] = "Satische Aufladung",

    -- TrashMobs : Crystalcore Mechanic
    ["Saw Blade"] = "S\195\164geblatt",
    -- TrashMobs : Tempest-Smith
    ["Fragmentation Bomb"] = "Splitterbombe",
    ["Shell Shock"] = "Kampfneurose" ,
    -- High Astromancer Solarian
    ["Wrath of the Astromancer"] = "Zorn des Astromanten",
    -- Kaelthas Sunstrider
    ["Remote Toy"] = "Ferngesteuertes Spielzeug",
    ["Mind Control"] = "Gedankenkontrolle",

    --Rage Winterchill
    ["Icebolt"] = "Eisblitz",
    ["Death and Decay"] = "Tod & Verfall",
    ["Carrion Swarm"] = "Aasschwarm",
    ["Sleep"] = "Einschlafen",
    ["Doom"] = "Verdammnis",
    ["Unquenchable Flames"] = "Feuerregen",
    ["Howl of Azgalor"] = "Geheul des Azgalor",
    ["Doomfire"] = "Verdammnisfeuer",
    ["Grip of the Legion"] ="W\195\188rgegriff der Legion",

    --High Warlord Naj'entus
    ["Impaling Spine"] = "Aufspie\195\159ender Stachel",
    --Teron Gorefiend
    ["Incinerate"] = "Verbrennen",
    ["Crushing Shadows"] = "Zerschmetternde Schatten",
    ["Shadow of Death"] = "Schatten des Todes",
    --Gurtogg Bloodboil
    ["Bloodboil"] = "Siedeblut",
    ["Acidic Wound"] ="S\195\164urewunde",
    ["Fel-Acid Breath"] = "Teufelss\195\164ureatem",
    ["Fel Rage"] = "Teufelswut",
    --Reliquary of Souls
    ["Soul Drain"] ="Seelendieb",
    ["Deaden"] = "Abstumpfen",
    --Shade of Akama
    ["Debilitating Strike"] = "Entkr\195\164ftender Sto\195\159",
    ["Debilitating Poison"] = "Entkr\195\164ftigendes Gift",
    --Mother Shahraz
    ["Vile Beam"] = "\195\188bler Strahl",
    ["Fatal Attraction"] = "Verh\195\164ngnisvolle Aff\195\164re",
    --The Illidari Council
    ["Deadly Poison"] = "T\195\182dliches Gift",
    ["Divine Wrath"] = "G\195\182ttlicher Zorn",
    --Illidan Stormrage
    ["Parasitic Shadowfiend"] ="Sch\195\164dlicher Schattengeist",
    ["Dark Barrage"]= "Dunkles Sperrfeuer",
    ["Shear"]= "Abscheren",
    ["Agonizing Flames"]= "Peinigende Flammen",

    ["Mangle"] = "Zerfleischen",
    ["Electrical Storm"] = "Elektrischer Sturm",
    ["Static Disruption"] = "Statische St\195\182rung",
    ["Flame Buffet"] = "Flammenatem",
    ["Flame Shock"] = "Flammenschock",
    --Hex Lord Malacrass
    ["Cold Stare"] = "Kaltes Starren",
    ["Siphon Soul"] = "Seele entziehen",
    ["Grievous Throw"] = "Schrecklicher Wurf",
    ["Creeping Paralysis"] = "Schleichende Paralyse",
    ["Claw Rage"] = "Klauenwut",

    added in "GridStatusRaidDebuff.lua"

    ["Siphon Soul"] = {
    name = L["Siphon Soul"],
    enable = true,
    owner = BB["Hex Lord Malacrass"],
    icon = "Spell_Shadow_SpectralSight",
    cf = {}

    For the Hex Lord Malacrass I have added the debuff "Siphon Soul" to see what class abilitis he could use...
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