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    posted a message on Curse Client - macOS (OS X): When will "Addon Sync" be available?

    I recently subscribed to Curse Premium (though I think I had some kind of lifetime "Premium" granted to my account by Kael way back in the day for helping test stuff...). 


    I subscribed (more officially) under the impression that I would be able to sync addon settings - especially since clicking the "Sync" button in the macOS client reveals a modal prompting me to subscribe. 


    After subscribing, the "Subscribe" prompt was still there (when selecting "Sync"). As it turns out, this is a "Windows Only" feature - something I had to (unfortunately) discover via the Curse Support site; the note on the article itself is buried at the very bottom.


    I'd love to see this feature finally make its way to OS X, especially since it was declared as "coming soon" way back in 2010


    If there are no current/forthcoming plans to sprint this feature or it is buried so far down the backlog that it is not likely to see even an edge/alpha release any time soon, please remove the button from the macOS/OS X client.


    That said, I encourage everyone involved to take the plunge and make the effort to achieve parity across platforms. I'd be willing to allocate 5 hours per week in testing, if that helps.

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    posted a message on Prat 2.0 Chat Mod Framework (Official Thread)
    Sylvanaar has come up with a (temporary?) solution to those buttons being shown:


    Go to line 341 and edit:

    FROM: self.OnUpdateInterval = 0.5

    TO: self.OnUpdateInterval = 0.01

    Additionally, that may be put onto a macro if you do not desire to alter that lua file every time an update is released (as it may not make it into the official Prat2.0 distributable).

    SCRIPT: /script Prat_ChatButtons.OnUpdateInterval = 0.01

    Thanks to Sylvanaar for helping to resolve this issue. It is seemingly as good as that is going to get and it's appreciated! It may not make it into the live version, though I hope it does.
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    posted a message on Prat 2.0 Chat Mod Framework (Official Thread)
    I was requested to post this issue here by Sylvanaar.

    In regards to ChatButtons (currently called "Buttons"), if the user has all buttons turned "off" for each ChatFrame and then uses some artificial means to change the ChatFrame view (tab switching or using a script like /script FCF_SelectDockFrame(ChatFrame1) ), the chat buttons will appear briefly on-screen and then disappear.

    The expected result would be that if the user manually determines that the Chat Buttons are to be hidden/disabled, they remain hidden permanently, and never appear - regardless of duration (however briefly they may appear).

    A screenshot: http://ctscreens.net/8484

    As pastey of my SavedVariables: http://ace.pastey.net/72203

    Hope this gets resolved! Thank you :)

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