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    posted a message on Postal (was GMail2): Updated
    Quote from Xinhuan
    Declined. Postal can run Load-On-Demand if AddonLoader is installed, as such for many users, Postal is only loaded when you visit a mailbox, not loaded otherwise.

    I have a slight problem on this part, postal duse this perfectly on my main pc.
    But when i do it on laptop it never loads up automatically when i check mail.
    Is their a lib needed ?
    Or maybe a cmd like /postal load always :).

    So i have to go into AddonLoader to load it up.
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    posted a message on CrushChance 2.1 - Displays your combat table and chance to be crushed
    Bit confuse now with the ingame addon info.

    This represents your chanse to be hit or crushed, if the number is "below" 20 any hits you receive will be crushing.

    Now if i change "Darkmoon card: Wrath (DPS trinket with no tank value on it)"
    with "Moroe's Lucky Pocket Watch (a +dodge trinket)" or other tanking trinket.
    My value gose from 30,9 to 28,9, bringing me closer to beeing crushed & hit according to the addon info.

    So a lower number is better right ?
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