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    posted a message on Followers roster management addon (not mission management)

    There are several very good addons that pick the best team to complete missions. What I'm missing is an addon to help me build up my roster of followers so that a best team is always available.

    As most of us, I'm at 30+ followers on several toons. I've even pretty much equalized Abilities: I've got 4-6 of each and a few of the more notable traits (scavenger...). Yet I've noticed wildly varying efficiency on different toons. Upon investigation, that was due to abilities combos and traits-abilities combos: one has to not only make sure to have a few of each ability, but also that upon reaching Epic quality, followers do not become duplicates, for example with all your "group damage" followers also countering "powerful spell", or all your "scavenger" followers countering only "magic debuff".

    That optimization process currently has to be done by hand, and is a pain:
    - review all abilities one by one to flag duplicates (well counters really, different abilities counter the same thing)
    - dig into the duplicates' traits to spot which dupe is more expendable
    - double check if you are missing an ability combo around the one you just deduped
    - try to see how you can get that missing combo (retired follower, Inn recruitment, rep/quest/achievement... follower)

    This begs for a Follower Roster Magagement addon, which would
    - flag duplicate followers (based on Abilities, plus the Scavenger trait ?)
    - flag missing Abilities combos (not all are possible I think, so only the possible ones), and suggest a source (get a Pally from the Inn -25% chance upon reaching Epic-, get Millhouse, buy XXX, reactivate Forgotten Sucker 001, ...)
    - enforce or not minimum number of follower w/traits such as tradeskills, bonus rewards, mission duration...)
    - maybe take into account high-value Raid missions to make sure you can get to 100% on those.
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    posted a message on Better estimate of Disc priest heals: need mitigation/absorbtion addon
    Can we not go about it the other way round: estimate the absorbtion created by each of my heals on the MT, and assume that aborbtion will actually be used up ? It seems acceptable to me, but of course works only for a Tank, absorb/mitig on other players will probably NOT be used up, so the addon shoudl probably just disregard such heals.
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    posted a message on Better estimate of Disc priest heals: need mitigation/absorbtion addon

    Recount and SWStats give a very bad name to Disc priests, because they do NOT take into account the mitigation that the top Disc talents give to our target (generally, the MT1). We usually spam the MT1 heavily, creating, I assume, a large shield.

    I could not find an addon to precisely know, or at least, roughly estimate, the Total mitigation or absorbtion I'm giving my tank. Let alone the Effective mitigation, but on an MT, we can assume the Total created mitigation is actually used, I guess, and that assumption must make things much simpler.

    I could not find an addon to do that... anybody feeling inspired ?

    Best regards, and thanks for all the addons, guys. They make the game so much better.
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    posted a message on Hunter Addon: change Aspect on any action
    It's not so much the matter of clicking the button, as the matter of not forgetting to do it it... every 15 seconds... for 3 hours... I end up doing half of a boss in viper, or starting off a boss OOM...
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    posted a message on Hunter Addon: change Aspect on any action
    how does the Autotrack addon (changes not aspect but tracking) automatically, depending on our target's type, work ?
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    posted a message on Hunter Addon: change Aspect on any action
    in PVE, it's a major pain to keep switching aspects et the beginning and end of EACH fight: a DPS aspect while in combat, Viper inbetween.

    I'd like an addon that does the basic changes for me automatically. Since it has to rely on a keypress/mouse clic to do its stuff, It should probably intercept any and all of these. The rest is fairly simple:

    1- Config: choose which aspects you want in and out of combat (typically, will be Hawk/Dragonhawk in combat, vs Viper out of combat, but I can envision other cases)

    2- when not in combat, put up the noncombat aspect

    3- when starting combat, put up the combat aspect

    4- IMPORTANT: when the player manually changes aspects while in combat: DO NOTHING. Automatic aspect changes should occur only when entering or leaving combat, not while in the middle of a fight.

    Does that sound feasible ?
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    posted a message on Could Recount optionnaly take deranking into account ?
    Thanks and congratulations for a wonderful addon.

    My priest uses Greater Heal rank 2 and rank max. Both show as a single line "Greater Heal" in my "spells cast" breakdown on the Recount recap.

    I'm guessing other classes also use deranked spells.

    Would it be possible to have an option to list different ranks of a spell (dps or heal) on different lines in the detailed breakdown on dps/heal, instead of amalgamating them ?

    Best regards, Olivier
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    posted a message on Grid
    I just wanted to say a big Thank You. Grid (and Clique) have been working for me since 1h after the patch :-)
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    posted a message on Omen - Bug Reports and Suggestions
    We had a big bug yesterday, but I'm not sure I can provide any useful information.

    We were all using recent builds (ie, from this week end. 2 things were wrong

    1- on my personnal machine, no menu.

    2- worse, the reported treat was very wrong: on akil'zon , the protec-specced warrior that was DPSing showed as high as my protec-specced pally. Pally was doing its utmost to generate threat, warrior was only doing white damage. Checking recount after the fact, the pally did more than 2.5x the damage of the warrior, which, with righteous fury, should have given him almost 5x the treat, not about as much.

    Thanks a lot for your hard work... 2.4 really doesn't seem a piece of cak e ^^
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    posted a message on Hunter optimization: idle time and delayed autoshot watch
    to clarify matters, here are the two current macros (simplified)

    1:1 macro: forces 1 steady, 1 auto shot

    /castrandom [target=pettarget,exists] kill command
    /castsequence reset=combat/target/2 !auto shot, steady shot

    3:2 macro: fires off steady shot if auto shot isn't up

    /cast !Auto shot
    /cast [target=pettarget, exists] Kill command
    /cast Steady shot

    both macros are to be spammed, I have them on my mouse wheel and roll that all the time.

    there's normally extra code to clear the numerous error messages regarding kill command not being up.

    I've checked that both macros work as they should, with the 3:2 macro (used with slower weapons where 1:1 would cause too much idle time) actually becoming a 1:1 macro when haste procs (heroism, rapid fire, aspect of the hawk) give me sufficient haste.

    I've left Kill Command in the macro, as we are fairly sure it delays autoshots, too, though it shouldn't.

    the question is:
    - how much idle time does 1:1 cause ?
    - how many auto shots does 3:2 lose ?
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    posted a message on Hunter optimization: idle time and delayed autoshot watch

    i've spent hours on hunter's forums... everyone is arguing shot rotations based on Cheeky's theoretical spreadsheet and DrBoom tests: real tests and theory don't agree, and nobody knows why (lag ? kill command-induced delays ? wrong theory ?)

    Hunters all over the WoWorld really need this addon to choose their shot rotation macro, and optimize their weapon speed/+haste gear.
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    posted a message on Hunter optimization: idle time and delayed autoshot watch
    Sorren's helps to see which shot is and will be up to maximize instant DPS, but it doesn't help you compute over time how much time or autoshots you wasted, which is very important to determine the best shot rotation, and is what i want to do.

    My request is for an and-of-fight recap, not for some sort of CD timer/display.
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    posted a message on Hunter optimization: idle time and delayed autoshot watch
    Failing to find that addon, I went to do tests on Dr Boom. I got results
    - contradicting the theorycrafting
    - in contradiction with themselves (I think).

    such as the Prince's bow (kara) better at 1:1+hawk than the wolf's gun (Opera), but worse at 1:1+viper, the survival/MM macro dpsing less than 3:2 with the bow...

    Either my trial runs were too short (2-5 mins each), or there are too many variables.

    Again, an addon such as I requested would help me a lot in beginning to figure out what is happening.

    excerpt from the tests:
    BM, lag: 151; FPS: 70-75
    no pet, 2x mana oil, 7.003 mana.
    stats w/ gun: speed 1.96, PA 2.181, crit 22.33%
    stats w/ bow: speed 2.1, PA 2.196, crit 21.96%

    observed DPS:
    Macro hawk viper (bow/gun)
    1:1 696/647 605/629
    3:2 684/610 661/650
    survie 660/704 NA/NA
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    posted a message on Hunter optimization: idle time and delayed autoshot watch

    My main is a hunter, and hunter dps is all about optimizing my shot rotation depending on weapon speed and lag. There are several macros to do that, and cheeky's spreadsheet for theoretical calculations.

    What's missing is a very simple addon that lets me know what's really happening IG:
    - how much time i've spent 'idle' (waiting for my autoshot CD) between my first shot and my last shot. That would let me know if the 1:1 dps macro (steady shot, then auto shot, rinse, repeat) is good for me or not
    - how many autoshots i've fired also between my first and last shot, out of the theoretical max number. That lets me know how many free auto shots I discarded/pushed back in favor of special shots in order to minimize my idle time. The usual 3:2 macro for example casts steady shot if autoshot isn't up, which eliminates idle time but pushes back auto shots, instead of waiting for it like 1:1 does.
    - Ideally the addon would list that info by fight, and a global recap of all fights, like recount does.
    - Ideally, the addon would directly tell me if 1:1 or 3:2 is better for me.

    It doesn't sound very hard to do to me, compared to some of the addons out here :-p, but for some reason I could not find it anywhere. Taking procs (talents, trinkets...) into account may complicate things.
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    posted a message on Grid 2.0 -- call for papers
    1- advanced users can easily switch out of the base "auto" config. Newbies have a hard time setting a config for their class up front. out-of-box experience issue here.

    2- I mean a web page with links to all grid addons. up to date.

    3- yep. just explain taht to a completely unskilled user. 20 times, to cover all healers.

    4- did you miss the 'by default" for showing this, and diferentiating mine vs others ?

    5- I could find no options for filtering the pet group.
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