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    posted a message on alter context menu popup of blizzard raid frames
    Hi all.

    Small question, but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. I've a mod that adds a line 'rate player' to several right-click popup context menus (on self, party, in the raid panel), but I'm looking to add the same line to the raid frames that you can drag onto your screen from the raid panel. Does anyone have any idea what they are called?

    UnitPopupButtons["RATE_PLAYER"] = { text = TEXT(RATE_PLAYER), dist = 0 };

    A lazy second question (as I haven't invested much time in it before asking) is that I'd also want to add the 'rate player' line to rightclicks on [names] in chat. Is that just as easy as the three lines above here?

    Thanks in advance!
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    posted a message on Ace addon to mimic Personal Sentry / Paranoia / CombatSentryGizmo ?
    Left Wow, and just popped in to see if the only mod I made would be needed for anyone. it's ace2, and does more or less what you want.

    In your chatwindow, it'll show if it detects an enemy or anyone of unknown alliance nearby. Once it figured out whether or not someone was an enemy, it'll remember that.

    it's simple, doesn't take up space. The only pity is that you can no longer just click on the name to target it (I think you still can click on the name to warn people around you about it).

    Here's the link (rightclick, save as): http://game-sys.com/files/paranoid.zip

    It has been through 1 or 2 incarnations since it started out from paranoia, eventually settling on this minimalistic form.
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    posted a message on Sprocket
    Very Very nice.

    Is there any practical reason why we're limited to one 'bigsprocketwheelthingy' on the screen? I find clicking on my playerframe (in the topleft of my screen) somewhat inconvenient, and would like one or a few more sprocket buttons.

    Kind regards
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