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    If this had the ability to add the bars like the default XP bar has, that would be fantastic. Otherwise, flawless addon.
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    Quote from Reis »

    Quote from Vrael »

    Maybe aguf could support druid manabars while shapeshifted? Thanks for the updates on the addon.

    +1, we need it, please.

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    I don't remember what version I have off the top of my head, but I have a (not sure if there's a common stance issue or not..) stance issue on my Druid. Here's what happens;

    When I first login my bar is set to the caster bar. If I shift into Cat form, the bar stays on caster form. Previously, I could switch into a stance, get the pages to flip, and flip back. But, I couldn't use keybinds to trigger say moonfire, I had to actually click it. I came here and read that there were issues so I upgraded. This is when the bars didn't change at all.

    Here's what I do to solve this. Login. Type /reloadui. Money. Everything works 100%. I'll get my version info and edit this post when I can look it up.
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    I don't want to read through 5 pages of posts to find out if this is already suggested or not. Maybe if it was and I suggest it again it'll better the odds of it getting added/considered.

    Bongos has an option to apply a key to override the bar lock (assuming BT3 will allow you to lock the bar so you can't drag buttons off the bar in the heat of battle (come on, who hasn't done that?)). If you have the bar locked and you hold, let's say Alt (the button could be pickable (Ctrl, Alt, Shift)), down you can move the buttons around at will. If you don't have Alt held down the button couldn't be moved.
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