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    posted a message on Instance Maps not Working
    Thanks. All the maps seem to work now.

    However the Razorfen Downs map seems to be cut up into a bunch of weird pieces.
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    posted a message on Instance Maps not Working
    I Just wanted to say that I'm having the same problems with the instance maps not working. Sometimes they load, sometimes they don't. Sometimes it just shows the skull icons for the bosses and the star for the entrance and nothing else behind it and then clicking on other instance maps does nothing.
    Sometimes when opening a map it looks scrambled like this http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/5165/wowscrnshot092807082543wm5.jpg
    I get no errors.

    Typing /print Cartographer:GetModule("InstanceMaps") gives me
    { -- _G["Cartographer_InstanceMaps"]
      AddEventListener = function: 0BDA00A8,
      AddHook = function: 0D3A7FE8,
      AddRepeatingTimer = function: 0DE9AF08,
      AddScriptHook = function: 0D7F01A8,
      AddSecureHook = function: 0D7F0108,
      AddSecureScriptHook = function: 0D7F0248,
      AddTimer = function: 0DE9ACC8,
      author = "ckknight",
      category = "Map",
      credits = "Funkydude, kergoth, kagaro, Mery (for the waypoint images)",
      DispatchEvent = function: 0D3A62A8,
      donate = "PayPal:ckknight AT gmail DOT com",
      email = "ckknight AT gmail DOT com",
      HasEventListener = function: 0DE96A88,
      HasHook = function: 0DE975C8,
      HasTimer = function: 0D5E82A8,
      HideInstanceFrame = function: 0D5E8370,
      hooks = { SetMapToCurrentZone = function: 1257E888 },
      issueTracker = "Wowace:10024",
      license = "GPL v2 or later",
      moduleName = "InstanceMaps",
      name = "Instance Maps",
      notes = "Addon to manipulate the map",
      OnDisable = function: 0DBB6D88,
      OnEnable = function: 0DBB1D68,
      OnInitialize = function: 0D5E80A0,
      PLAYER_LEVEL_UP = function: 0DD902C8,
      RemoveAllEventListeners = function: 0DE96A48,
      RemoveAllHooks = function: 0DE97608,
      RemoveAllTimers = function: 0D5E8230,
      RemoveEventListener = function: 0DE96988,
      RemoveHook = function: 0D419C20,
      RemoveTimer = function: 0D5E8168,
      SetMapToCurrentZone = function: 0D5E8118,
      SetMapZoom = function: 0DBB1AA8,
      ShowInstance = function: 0DA79D38,
      ShowInstanceFrame = function: 0DD90288,
      title = "Instance Maps",
      version = "2.0",
      website = "[url]http://www.wowace.com/"[/url]
    } -- _G["Cartographer_InstanceMaps"]

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