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    Im also interested in an alternative if this isnt being supported anymore.
    In particular im intersted in a mod that actually get the warrior skill rampage done right.
    Class timers has the problem that it resets the size of the cooldown bar every time a critical hit is landed (the skill has a 30s duration but this resetting means that towards then end youll have 5 seconds left but the bar fully filled because you just critted).
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    Im running release 41263 and since yesterday im having buttons dissapearing from my bars. Its always the same buttons and I dont know whats triggering it.
    The buttons are still usable through the hotkeys, they just dont show up but if i open my spellbook they reappear for as long as the spellbook is open.
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    Quote from Jarenthal »

    For those who are saddened by the lack of options for PT3 sets in the menus, you -can- set categories up with them manually in the savedvariables. I did.

    What I dont understand is that a version of baggins that i used to have a few months after the TBC release supported much, much more PT3 variables.
    But when I upgraded and PT3 got its own baggins menus it turned to shit.
    If the author isnt going to return proper PT3 functionality how do you modify your saved variables file to compensate for this?
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