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    hi there....

    simply update the .toc didn't work fpor me too...
    but the error message say something about string.gfind is wrong... so i change it into string.match...
    now i think it works... didn't have enough time to test it completly... but auctions are shown and autoscan also work...

    so far....

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    posted a message on FuBar - AuctionFu
    It tracks your Acutions. so you can see your bids, if you won a auction or even if theres a higher bid.

    Nothing more, nothing less^^

    MFG bandicut
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    posted a message on FuBar - AuctionFu
    Hi everyone,

    first of all: Sorry for my poor english. I'm german :-P

    I've been looking for the newest version of AuctionFu. I'm not sure if this addon exists anymore.
    If not... is there something similar to this addon?
    Because I don't want to get back to Titan Panel.

    thanks anyway bandicut
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    great mod.... but i've got 2 little errors...

    1. in Storwind (and i think only there) i'll get instead of the right and bottom graphic only a black rectangle. it seems the graphics are missing.

    2. in the instance map of BRD the icons for Bosses are complety false. for example the entrance is somewhere else but not there where it should be^^ (sorry but my englisch is very poor^^).

    i'm using the german version of WOW. so maybe this could it be.

    thx anyway bandicut

    edit: the problem with the wrong placed icons exists only at several other instance maps. some are correct, others like BRD, BFT are wrong.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames Collected Bugs, Issues, and Miscellany
    Hi there...

    i've got a little problem. I can't see the pet Frame of any Party Member. In the Config Menu it's shown as visible. Original Blizzard Frames shows the party pet. Is it a bug? Got the latest Version from WOW Ace updater..

    Thanks anyway Leif
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