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    Ok, I have a strange bug that is probably something on my system since no one else has mentioned it.

    If I go from zone to zone the minion folds and opens the zones just fine, but if I log out in The Ghostlands (for example) with 8 quests listed in the minion, when I log back in the zone is folded. When I open it, there's nothing there. I have to right-click and check each quest before I can see them.

    Any clue? Thanks!
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    And yet another question/bug/problem...

    When I alt-tab (always does it, sometimes other things trigger but that's the main one) I lose my Bar-1. It's not only gone, but I can't use the bound buttons that should be on there either.

    Just reloading the UI fixes it a treat, but I have too many darned addons loaded to do that all the time. :-)

    (If this is a Saved Variables problem (which I wouldn't think with this sort of thing) I can whack it, but I've got bars/buttons all over the darned place and REALLY don't look forward to redesigning the layout)
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