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    posted a message on Chronometer (Ace2'ed AceTimer)
    Guys! Since 2.3 I got weird bug.

    I play shadow priest, and if I use Vampiric Touch (1.5 sec cast spell) on target, and at the very end of casting - I cast (kinda interrupt VT) some other spell - VT is not getting registered by Chronometer, but still landing on target.
    In fact - I used DoTimer , and DoTimer is not registering VT in such situation too.

    This is definetly 2.3 bug/change, cos I would have noticed it earlier otherwise.

    Any suggestion?
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    posted a message on Grid
    I would like to suggest feature that will ease life a bit for ressurecting .

    Currently - I have in config - Status > Health > Show dead as full health - which is great, if person is dead and I am IN COMBAT - I am not being distracted by his tab.

    However, OUT OF COMBAT - I would like dead person to show normal - with empty health bar (so I can easily spot proper class players to be ressed first).
    If you can add this feature - it would be great. I know this can be done, since similar thing is implemented in GridMissingBuffs.

    Thanks a lot for a Grid. Best healing addon ever!!!
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