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    I would love to see your addon support the ability to share crafting information with other users out side of the guild. the reason being that some times you might have an alliance of guilds or a raiding Community like Leftovers on Silver Hand. However I would recommend that you use addon channels instead of the regular channels. The reason being that you can really have an unlimited # of hidden addon channels while you can only have a max of 10 regular chat channels.

    This might help ya find more info on creating hidden addon channels. I wish i could help ya more but im not skilled enough in LUA to program it myself. http://www.wowwiki.com/API_SendAddonMessage

    Oh and I found this which might intrest you. its a addon studio builder for wow that works inside Visual Studios 2008. it might also work in VB Express 2008. however I have not tried it out so i can say for sure if it will work in the free version of Visual basic 2008.
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