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    Quote from Torhal
    Now we have people going into grocery stores and grabbing ice cream only to drop it off in the produce section because they no longer want it...and they wonder why food keeps going up.

    Working in a produce department, i have to say I F***ING HATE THAT. Worse yet, you see a head of iceberg lettuce in the display with the carrots when the iceberg lettuce display is FIVE FEET AWAY.

    That aside, I would say I'm a regular user. I've been using the ACE addons for at least 2 years. Never registered here, just used the files.wowace.com site and downloaded updates (never bothered using the WAU, I prefer to find and update them manually. I don't trust things that automate simple things for me). However, I was also not a user that provided feedback, and for that, I apologize. Thank you guys for providing this service for all these years. It's been greatly appreciated.

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