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    Followup on my previous post. I did Naxx 25 with auras disabled, and was still getting the fps spike on mob death. Disabled Pitbull entirely for a few pulls and the hitching went away. Enabled Pitbull disabled Recount/Omen/Healbot (Just for some additional testing and the hitching still occurred.

    I have most of the extra Pitbull modules disabled (for testing purposes). I did forget to test one thing though. I read a post somewhere where a person was complaining that he would get lag spikes when target of target was enabled, but not when it wasn't. I will test next time to see if the stutter goes away if I disable ToT frame.

    Any other ideas on what/how to test this more?
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    Quote from theondry
    A lot of this is what Shefki has been working to eliminate.

    Are you still using DogTags?

    I just notice you say it works when you have only two frames showing. Have you set up *any* other frames for the other people in your group/raid?

    Do you have a solid state drive?

    I am using the default LuaTexts. I do not use a SSD. I have tried it both with the no raid frames and also when running Healbot Continued (whose CPU footprint is tiny). The hitch/chug happens both ways.

    My relevant specs are:
    GTX 260
    640GB WD Drive SATA 3Gbits/s

    The other mods I'm running are:

    Elkano's Buff Bars
    Healbot Continued (use for raid frames)
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    I just upgraded from Pitbull 3 to 4 a couple days ago. I noticed an issue and seem to have tracked it down to Pitbull. When I am in a large raid (25 man), when a mob dies I get a split second stutter/hiccup similar to dbm loading a module when you walk in to a zone. A few other people confirmed they have the same issue with Pitbull. I was curious if this is a known issue; I don't see anything the bugtracker.

    A few pieces of information, it occurrs even if I have the raid frame off. Which means I just have my frame and the target frame showing. All of this was noticed when tanking, am also running Omen and Recount as well as a few other mods. I also used Omen and Recount with Pitbull 3 with no hiccup on death. I will post a full list of mods tomorrow when I get up.

    Since it occurrs in 25-mans but not in 10-mans (at least not that I notice), and it occurrs with only self and target frames showing, I am going to guess it has to do with the auras. I wasn't able to do much testing tonight (want to run with auras off and see what happens), but will try and test it tomorrow. Has anyone else experienced similar issue/behavior?
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    Hey, I've noticed that SCTD won't display my damage at the nameplates while in BG, unless I'm fighting someone from my own server it seems. Displays at nameplates on NPC's and during duels, just not in BGS, have not tested arenas yet. Anyone else have the same problem? I'm using Aloft as well as far as a nameplate mod goes.
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    For some reason, while BGing today, after years of it being there, that message "HK: Private" with the little icon of their now deprecated rank on the right really started to bug me. I just want it off my screen, I searched and searched, and could not find an option to turn it off.

    I believe its a default blizzard display, and I was wondering if theres any way to capture that event and tell it not to display that particular form of the message. Just to clarify, I'm not talking about the text message in your chat/combat log, I'm talking about the actual display on your screen over the character you killed.

    Any thoughts on how to do it? Did I miss a simple option in some menu somewhere?
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    I am having the same problem as well, it also doesn't shade them for in combat or dead (red/gray).
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    Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately, can't seem to find a reference to the Epox addon anywhere. Also Devtools just seems to allow you to dump the results of an expression into the default chat frame, not monitor events.

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    I was trying to check the Updates and Events of my addons; looking through the forums I heard about tekSupport. While tekSupport still works for checking Updates, it doesn't work on events anymore, since it calls AceEvents' EnableDebugging function, which seems to not exist anymore.

    I was curious if there was any other tools I could use to monitor the events being fired, or if anyone fixed tekSupport for themselves and cares to put it up.

    The whole reason for this is after an update to my mods last night, I started getting HUGE lag spikes, that eventually led to a D/C. A couple of the times I could still see what everyone else was doing, but my actions were severely delayed. I know it's unlikely a mod caused this problem, but I just want to make sure. During all of the lag spikes, vent continued to operate normally, and I even alt-tabbed to check if I could access worldofwarcraft.com and various sites. So basically I have it narrowed down to, connection to the server was screwy last night, or one of my mods is doing something really crazy.

    Anyway, if anyone has any ideas about tekSupport, or on my original problem let me know.

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