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    In reply to trailhunter: "I come home want to update quickly my addons and play a game and go to bed. I don't need all this other login and chatterbox stuff that so many kids nowadays use. Just give me an option to use a simplified version of the huge program that we now have to use. It's actually quite frustrating being forced to have twitch on my pc when I don't even use it and will never use it for what it's meant for"

    YESSIR!!! LIKE MINION addon if it only was UPDATED on more addons than dbm. its a viable solution with a little more work. I WOULD RATHERE PAY TO GET THE OLD CURSE BACK THAN GET TWITCH FREE, BUT HEY !! i guess as long as companies believe the right business model is FORCING CUSTOMERS TO BUY CRAP THEY DONT WANT IS THE WAY OF TOMORROW! TWITCH = BLOATWARE CRAP BOLLOCKS RETARDED BULLSHIT - i use discord to talk with my friends whilst gaming. there is nothing good about twitch at all and frankly the way you destroyed curseclient to force your utterly craptastic useless garbage bloatware program i hope you go banquerot

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