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    Couple of feature requests:

    Support for qComment or duplication of it's features, could probably use the weekly database build with the author's permission.
    qcomment(weekly): http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/7691/

    Support for Lightheaded (if any required)
    Lightheaded: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info7017-LightHeaded.html

    Support for Mobmap (if any required)
    Mobmap: http://www.mobmap.de/

    Don't know if wow api supports the last request but here goes anyway:
    There could be an option to scan and populate quest history based on what quests have been done previously. Generally the quest history addons tracks quests from the moment you start using a quest history addon. With a 70 char which hasn't utilized a quest history addon I can't remember what quests I have done and what not.

    Given that the quests are pretty much catalogued in wowhead and other sites, a list of quests (names or ids) could be datamined and the history could be built from ground up based on the datamined list. I know if one tries to share a quest and someone has completed the quest there's a feedback text reflecting that.

    If all quest api functions are based on the current quests in log, I guess this can't be done - I lack the knowledge but someone here is bound to have the answer about the feasability of this feature.
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    I think the mod you are looking for is JIM_CooldownPulse. Curse-link: http://wow.curse-gaming.com/en/files/details/2235/jims-cooldown-pulse/
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