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    Quote from OrionShock
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    I'd like to ask for the option to only show the timers on buffs for buffs that are mine. currently if i show all buffs on my target, it throws my framerate to all hell because of the timers that are on all of them. I think it's a related issue to the new UnitAura() change.

    Yeah this would be great, don't really care about other players' debuff timers on the target just my own. I'm pretty sure this was the behaviour before the recent patch too.
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    Hi I'm wondering if this is already out there, an addon that lets you emote/announce a message in chat when you gain a buff such as heroism or anything.

    This is for buffs cast on me by others, not my own which would just be a simple macro.
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    Have been away from the game for a few months, got Omen updated to Omen2 but cant for the life of me work out how to drag individual bars out on the screen, I used to be able to have my agro pull bar aside to monitor my threat against the tanks.. Hope this is still possible, was a great feature.
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