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    I play a warlock and have always used the Aura module as my dot timer, because I prefer to have it attached to the unit frame. These changes are perfect and implemented very well. This saves me a lot of lua editing. I especially like the ability to change the filters ingame.

    I have a request though, and I'm not sure if there's an easy way to do it. I'd like an option to display certain debuffs only if they're mine. I really don't want to see other warlocks' dots on the target (corruption, ua, etc.) But I still want to see things like Demo Shout (to know if its safe to use CoR), Curses, or other debuffs that affect my damage like Shadow Vulnerability.

    It would also be cool if the filters could be set separately for each frame, instead of a global friendly/unfriendly setting. For example I only use the focus frame for CC, so I really only want to track Fear or Banish, which is different from the debuffs I want to track for my target.
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    Maybe something like this already exists, but I'm kind of picturing it as a PitBull module. Maybe it's not even possible as I picture it.

    I'd like to have something that will put up a unit frame of any mob in range that is CC-able by the player, not already CC'd, and not being targeted by a main tank. Or, and this would probably be harder or even impossible to do, has threat from a main tank.

    Like in Hyjal, for instance, it'd help to not have to tab around or try to click on the necro in the pile of ghouls or what have you. Or it could help priests avoid shackling an abomination that a tank is already picking up. Or if at any time a CC breaks and whoever was responsible for it died and now it's running around killing healers.

    Obviously you wouldn't want a unit frame for every single necro or whatever that's running around. You'd just want it to show one for each type of mob, and maybe it could even pick one that's not already being targeted by someone else who could CC it.

    Is it possible? Would it be hard to do?
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