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    hehe yeah, been using it for a long time.

    Would you by any chance have a screenshot of how this addon displays information? I'm Auc-Advance and I notice that my only real memory consumption is Informant (I am OCD about low mem foot print)
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    For those of you that successfully imported the Brian Kopp file, how did you do so? I just downloaded the updated guide that includes a MetaMapEXP.lua file. Seeing as the author of MetaMap is MIA, I'd really like to get this working with Cart since I prefer it anyway. I have _Import and _Icons installed, as well as the MetaMap pack. I've tried placing the MetaMapEXP.lua file in the import directory as is, as well as renaming it to just MetaMap.lua. Neither appear to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Go into your WTF/account name/SavedVariables folder (I think that's the path) and grab your MetaMap.lua file from there. Put that into the _Import directory.

    Hope that helps.

    I think the only problem with this is the guide provides a files which needs to be imported into MetaMap. The question is if MetaMap actually saves the data into the MetaMap.lua or imports all the notes from the "said" imported file upon loading? Im up all for trying this though, MetaMap is way too much of a resource hog, 10MB or more after an hour or two of game play.
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