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    I just got Grid for the first time, installed it, and then tried to rescale it a bit bigger.

    But whenever I pulled Scale Slider up or down and release it, it would just go back to 100%.
    I tried manually editing the value 100% to something else, but when I pressed enter to Confirm it, it just reseted to 100%.
    I tried Padding and Spacing options, but they don't work as well. Frame Lock is not on so I have no idea what's going on...

    Any suggestions?
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    I just got the newest Grid 40969 and I can't change the Layout. I try to scale it up for example, I pull the scale bar and when I realase it, it just goes back. When I try to manually pick the desired scale, and press enter to confirm it, it goes back to 100%. Same with Padding and every single layout option. It just doesn't seem to save new settings.

    Any idea why? Ty.

    EDIT - And no, Frame Lock is not on.
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