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    We had lots of entries and I must say a huge thanks to all who entered!

    Before I start naming the results I must talk about one thing. I am stripping out the “UI must be made during the course of the competition” rule. Now before ye all get angry at me because this might have been what was stopping you entering, I have to admit that it was a stupid rule. Good UI's take months or even years if you look at certain UI's to bring them to a standard which is eviable by many. TukUI, Caith UI, Roth UI, etc.... these UI's did not spring up overnight and for good reason. Blood, sweat and tears have been pumped into these UI's and they are awesome because of this.
    Please note that this is only the first UI Competition which I am hosting. There hopefully will be many more in the future so you will get your chance if you missed out here.

    Sorry for all the nips, tucks and changes guys... now that I have this all under my belt I can use the experience to make it better next time :D

    Now that I have explained myself, on with the results!

    Best Overall UI
    Best Generic UI
    • Shaethas of Trollbane EU
    • Album: http://img682.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=iliveuserinterface1.png
    • I'm not sure why but iLive UI is a UI that plays with my emotions. I don't love it, but neither do I hate it... There is nothing flashy or standout about the UI but it is well put together and for that it gains my respect. The only ususal thing about this UI is the fact that it could only work well on a 1920x1080 resolution and the button layout, which is grouped with similar/complementing abilities beside each other. Everything is clear to see and it is what all raiders should strive for in a UI as nothing is cluttered, your FoV is excellent and the layout is fairly centralised.
    Best Artistic UI
    • Atarah of Malygos EU
    • Solo: http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/9284/soloi.jpg
    • All shown: http://img576.imageshack.us/img576/1192/showall.jpg
    • Raid: http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/8011/raidn.jpg
    • It only seems right that this UI should win the Artistic Category. With the fall of the Lich King and the impending rise of Deathwing and Ragnoros, this UI is going to become a rare breed once we head back to warmer regions. The art is clever, the icicles are spread throughout the UI, hanging off buffs and the mana bar but it is the frosted edges that attract attention. A while back there was an uprising of blackened edgings on Minimalistic UI's so it is nice to see that it also had an influence here. The buttons are customised to have the nice blue color and the UI is centred around Grid which fuses the UI together. The Unitframes are trying to be unique but I feel they are too large at the moment.
    Best Minimalistic
    • Kam�* of Xavius EU
    • solo: http://koti.mbnet.fi/nniklas/uic1.jpg
    • http://koti.mbnet.fi/nniklas/uic2.jpg
    • raid: http://koti.mbnet.fi/nniklas/uic3.jpg
    • Pixel perfect in every aspect. Minimalistic UI's are very hard to get right and this UI does it in style. The fonts are the right size, anything that needs to be seen clearly has been put in a nice sans-serif font. Focusing on the fonts, an uncapitalised font has been chosen. Personally I wouldn't like that but it does make things like the chat frame look very clean and it has been kept throughout the UI so it wasn't any half-assed attempt.
      There are only 6 actionbuttons shown but important cooldowns show above these so no space is wasted with static keybound buttons or cooldown bars. Important information is the only thing shown and it is presented well.
    Most Original UI
    • Munglunch of Skullcrusher US
    • (*combat* showing my “!” aggro indicator): http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/6008/wowscrnshot041910093613.jpg
    • A comic UI! Awesome! We really did feel like this was the best choice for the original UI as it is was so different to what we saw throughout this competition. “Meanwhile ... in Silverwing Hold” on the Minimap was a stroke of genius. Considering the popularity of comics at the moment due to movies like Kick Ass and Iron Man 2, this UI is well timed. Even if this UI lacked the comic theme, it would still be a good UI as the layout is very well done and everything fits well together.
      It is a pity that the other two screenshots died of “use of forum tags in a comment section” but in any case the UI is well enough displayed here to warrent the prize.
    Strangest/Crazyiest UI
    What these lucky people have won!
    • Best Overall UI - Fishing Chair, Centre of attention
    • Best Generic UI – Centre of Attention, Path of Illidan
    • Best Artistic UI – Centre of Attention, Path of Illidan
    • Best Minimalistic UI – Centre of Attention, Disco Ball
    • Most Original UI – Fishing Chair, Disco Ball
    • Honorable Mention – Strangest/Most unusual UI.

    I will be emailing the winners with the codes soon after this is posted so check your mail!
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    UI Submission Comments are now closed! The results will be posted the 10th of May on pimpmyui.net and on the Official Forums.

    Now that I can be mean, I can tell people what they were entering for/what they missed out on.

    * Best Overall UI - Fishing Chair, Centre of attention
    * Best Minimalistic UI – Centre of Attention, Disco Ball
    * Best Generic UI – Centre of Attention, Path of Illidan
    * Best Artistic UI – Centre of Attention, Path of Illidan
    * Most Original UI – Fishing Chair, Disco Ball
    * Honorable Mention – Strangest/Most unusual UI.

    Fishing Chair - For those long summer days fishing. A parasol to keep the sun off your back and a chair to rest those weary feet.
    Centre of Attention - /flex as you walk around in style with this Epic Purple Shirt!
    Path of Illidan - MY FEET ARE ON FIRE!!!!!
    Disco Ball - Be the life of the party and get your groove on.

    Thanks to all who entered and those who supported. Special word of thanks to Tukz who provided the hosting and domain name, please support him here http://www.tukui.org ! Also I must mention Blizzard for creating a game where all these works of art are possible. The Blues for countless times of support, putting up with my questions and generally being awesome. To Caireann from WoWInterface for support last year while I tried to get this up and running. To all the Judges who I kept on hold last year and ended up disappointing when this didn't go ahead at that time. To the addon authors for putting their own time into creating such versatile addons for people to fiddle with! To all the people who entered.
    Sorry for dragging that out but really this couldn't have gone ahead without them.

    Good Luck to all who entered!
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    Comment section on the UI Submission page will close at 12am tonight. If you ain't in, you can't win!
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    2 more days!
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    Quote from Snargul
    Still points to your old website http://pimpmyui.hostei.com/wordpress ;P

    Thanks for pointing this out!

    Also thanks for finding the proper version of the translucent irregularity UI.
    The one I linked did originally look like that (or close to it) so I ran a search for the name (I knew it because I featured it in PMUI ages ago) but it had been edited heavily since then so only a remnant of it remained with a horrible transparent bar stretching across the screen.
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    Because I thought people here of all places would know the difference between a UI which is in config mode showing everything and one which is not -_-
    It was also the only picture of the UI which I could find at a glance. The author changed the UI a lot before abandoning it. It ended up like this in the end which was still original in shape but the other one had more originality imo.

    Either way you can see the idea I was trying to convey which was the originality of the Unitframes being offcentre, the different shape of the health bar, the mana bar being inside the health bar and the minimap being the focus of the UI.
    Stop trolling when you knew that it wasn't the UI but the idea I was trying to show.
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    The Overall Category is meant to choose the best UI submitted regardless of category.
    The Original Category is meant to choose the "most different UI" submitted. Something not seen before which may not really work well but looks awesome.
    This is what I would describe as original.

    Sorry for not replying earlier but I have posted this thread on so many forums it is hard to keep track.
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    Competition is officially open. UI Submission page is up!
    Read the rules. Try to stick to them.
    New website!

    You now pick which category you enter into. Generic, Minimalistic or Artistic. You are automatically entered into Original and Overall categories.

    Good Luck all who enter!
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    Xenoronin, Ex-MVP of the Interface Customization Forums EU here.
    Reposting this from the official forums.

    Hey everyone, just letting you all know that I am running a competition from the 5th to the 30th of April 2010. The competition will be to create a new UI (not to submit an existing one) and enter it into the competition on my webpage.

    The catagories are
    * Best Overall UI
    * Best Minimalistic UI
    * Best Artistic UI
    * Best Generic UI
    * Most Original UI
    * Honorable Mention – Strangest/Most unusual UI.

    Some of you may remember me trying to set up something like this last year and failing but this one will go ahead, hell or high water.

    The rules and how to enter are all up on the website here.

    Yes you can start creating your new UI now. If you are in the middle making a UI... I could be mean and make you scrap it and start over... yeah I'll be mean. Level playing field is better for all.

    The prizes will be WoW TCG - Loot Cards. Not super rare ones but some cool ones none the less!

    Good luck and hope ye come up with some good ideas!

    If you have any queries, don't hesitate to ask me here or at
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    Quote from lorelye »

    It never surprises me when healers cannot see flame patches on the ground, since half their screen is covered with health bars, and the other half is covered with buttons. Screen real-estate & organization are always big issues.

    You might want to take into account blizzard's stupidity in spell detail scaling... i have a crap PC so everything is at the minimum :P
    Fights like Nightbane are really hard for me as i cannot see the charred earth at all.. just whisps of smoke... i saw it on my friend's PC later and it was a burning deep brown, easy to see spell.
    Silly Blizzard.

    Back on track, i would love to have a tabbed dock for buffs and quest items :D I hope that it will either be introduced into Dock or you can make it.
    Actually even something like Serenity with the bars all merging into one button which expands on clicking would be nice since i don't like sphere mods. They use too much room.

    Edit: I'm liking what i am reading about Tooggle. Hopefully it works :D
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    posted a message on UI Screenshots - Show us what you use!

    Inspired by Tiany's(Moozart) UI but modified because i couldn't live without buttons XD
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    posted a message on Nearest Mobs (Is it possible?)
    Cool, thanks for the response :D
    Looks like that guy will be disappointed... When i renew my game card >_<
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    posted a message on Create you own flight paths
    Not possible.

    You can however, create waypoints with Cartographer and then a nice arrow will appear on screen pointing at that location.
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    "A suggestion from the Newcomers forum, we've already heard that it doesn't exist, but I thought if any where was likely to have people looking for a new idea to pick up and run with it would be here.

    I'd like to find a addon that will display portraits for mobs in a similar way to party portraits. Showing health mana etc.

    Displayed mobs would either be those you can currently tab through (distance only?) Or those mobs you, or a member of your group currently has a threat value with.

    Ideally I guess the party icons would show on the portraits and maybe even the mob target mini portraits, but that's window dressing.

    So, are they mistaken over in newcomers? Does an addon like this exist? Or does anyone feel like picking it up as a challenge? Or is it not possible? And if not, why not?"

    Taken from the wow-europe forums :D
    I was thinking that this is possibly possible if BigWigs and Proximo work for finding targets in tabbing distance or within a certain radius.
    Is it possible to do this for mobs too or not?
    Or is there an addon that already does this?
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    I heard about this somewhere before and now i'm here seeing something i can really use :D It's GIMPing time :D
    Can't wait to see what i can muster up, oh and thanks for putting my guide in there btw. ^^,
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