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    posted a message on REQ: TinyTip: Show Afk status, "target of" display, etc...
    In the past i did code my own tooltip addon, but in the meantime i fell in love with the amazing features of TinyTip :D

    As of WoW 2.0 one can get the afk status of every unitid, right?
    Let's add that... maybe in brackets, next to the name or so... what do you think?

    Another thing: in raid, showing the list of who is targetting that unit... i would prefer the names being sorted by class, and and maybe all names of a class in one line, because this gives you a better overview i think...
    however, since this can take more space it's not that perfect either... any ideas?
    Maybe we could add a mode that shows the numbers per cass per default, and when holding some key (ctrl for example) show all names..

    I can try myself on that a bit, but i'd like to hear your comments on this.
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    posted a message on Selfcast with CTRL
    Quote from Tavarish »


    i would like cast on myself with CTRL key, but I haven't found any addons..

    Just rebind the selfcast action bar keys from alt-F<n> to ctrl-F<n>
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    posted a message on Mini-Addon: TargetHelper
    Hmm, i sould try to add some additional checks to the logic.
    Like if the unit has iceblock on. Or that stupid pala shield...
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    posted a message on Prefered format of the new forums. PLEASE VOTE!
    Well, i don't really know what i should vote on. Mostly because i don't like forums. :D

    There does exist something that does what most forums do for a very long time which does the job way better: nntp

    Which reminds me on a famous quote:
    Quote from "Henning Schlottmann" »
    Wer News über ein Webinterface liest, filmt auch die Tageszeitung, um sie auf dem Fernseher anzuschauen.

    I'll try to translate:
    "Who's reading news in a web interface is also filming the newspapers to read them on the tv"

    In a proper newsreader you can read news way faster, search way faster, have proper threading, etc... And the load on the server is negible compared to what is needed for a web forum.

    But i had to realize that i'm a dying out species with that opinion.
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    posted a message on Mini-Addon: TargetHelper

    You get a Key that helps you quickly find a free target for you
    by doing a "Target Nearest Enemy" ( Usually <Tab> ) until it finds a suitable target.
    This means, it only searches for Targets in the same area that <Tab> does.

    For this classes it will check against all group or party members to find a free target
    that nobody else in your group or party is targeting, so you can sheep/.. it:

    * DRUID:   Beast  or Dragonkin
    * MAGE:    Beast  or Humanoid
    * PRIEST:  Undead or Humanoid
    * WARLOCK: Demon  or Elemental

    In case of the Warrior we just make sure that we don't have the target of another warrior:

    * WARRIOR: Will search a target that no other Warrior in your group or raid is targeting.

    ( in cvs trunk, get it from http://svn.wowace.com/files/ )
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    posted a message on and another module: CC_MainAssist
    Well, outside party or raid a "/assist Name" makro is all you can do.

    If that is all you want, stay with makros. I think one to store ( /script MyAssist = UnitName("target") ) and one to assist ( /script AssistByName(MyAssist) ) would do (didn't check, i hope this are the correct commands ).

    CC_MainAssist however tries to be slightly more than that. Permanently comparing the target to show you if it's still the same, so can imagine if you are actually attacking the right target.
    And for all that stuff it's necessary to have a unit id and not only a name. and that you only have in party. However, i never felt the need for doing so outside a party since i started to play WoW :D
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    posted a message on CC_Note
    After having a very painful raid (i had to edit the dkp), i added a small but hopefully useful extra feature to the Notepad... opening a note named "raid" gives you a list of raidmembers, ready to copy&paste it... for example to some web based dkp tool like my guild uses.

    see Wiki Docu of CC_Note for details

    Do you think this hack is too dirty? i mean,this extra feature effectively added only about 15 lines of code to the addon and comes with no extra candy or so. it does what i need, but is it ok the way i did? Or shall i find a more beautiful way?
    Or is there maybe allready a better addon for that job?
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    posted a message on and another module: CC_MainAssist
    Ok the [string "CC_MAINASSIST_ASSIST"]:2: Usage: AssistUnit("unit") i just fixed. that happens when hitting the button without having a MA set.

    However, i don't yet have a clue why setting a MA would not work for you.
    Except that you eventually tried to set someone who is not on your party/raid as MA...
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    posted a message on CC_Target
    About the Range Check thingie... the Idea is built now into XRS. But i propably should still update my thing in case people prefer it :D

    And about Clique, i'll have a look what is necessary for that. It should not be too complicated i guess, but it will take a bunch of if's to do it properly :D
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    posted a message on RosterLib-2.0
    About the pets:
    Basically i currently do this all the time:
    *) identify a unit by some unit id (target, mouseover, whatever... )
    *) store it by it's name, use the name when communicating to others
    *) search the rooster for the unit id by the name and temporarily store that
    *) use then the unit id to to things

    Ok, currently i use the pets real name and i can run into problems that way.
    Using the players name would be way better.
    However, i think "<Playername>#<Petname>" is too much
    A player can only have one pet at a time, so if there is a playername, the petname is not needed any more and just makes parsing and handling more difficult i guess.
    And eaven if the player changes his pet, i most defenitley want to refer to his new pet then.

    I eaven pondered about a "human readable" syntax like "<Playername>'s pet", but that propably has side effects, eaven it would ease printing out names. Labels could use that, you could use that in texts ("everybody assist Worf's pet!", "Main Tanks: Horst, Dimitri's pet"), etc...

    So the best would be propably to append a single char that can't be used in names to the playername when you want to refer to his pet. ( like "<Playername>#" )
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    posted a message on in trunk: CC_Target, etc... converted to ace2
    Can anybody else reproduce Zidomo's error?
    If not, can anybody imagine what's going wrong?
    Any help greatly appreciated!

    Zidomo: about the commands: all console commands start with /cc now, type /cc and you should get a list. So there is /cc note <note> now ( and of course the hotkey and the popup menue, which i think will be preferd most by the users )
    Also i'm about to add dewdrop, then there is a sexy menue for everything.
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    posted a message on and another module: CC_MainAssist
    Thanks for the flowers :D

    About having a assigned MA for the whole raid, like the MTs are:
    I tried to do so in the past. Having the Leader broadcast the MA in the Raidchat, assigning it to the rest, etc...
    In the end i never got it through, having only about 1/4 using it.
    ctra became a standard that time, and everybody knew that the last MT is the one to assist (at least we did handle it that way). And those who use some extra addon did manually set it accordingly.

    I basically support the idea, but i don't know if it will work :D
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    posted a message on CC_Target
    Ok, then
    This thing slowly starts to mature.

    Since there is the need for better description and screenshots and all that stuff, i started to create Descriptions in the wiki:

    I also linked a old Video showing a bit of what you can do with it
    ( can't promise how long the video is there, since it's on my own host, and the wiki doesn't allow uploads of that size (2.5MB) )
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    posted a message on and another module: CC_MainAssist
    Quote from Emli »

    Is the user able to turn off the auto assist functionality if they don't want to use it?

    that's a toggle
    ( /cc mainassist auto )
    well, maybe this strings change somewhen... or maybe i find out how to add some shorthands like ora does :D
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    posted a message on and another module: CC_MainAssist
    Quote from mcsuede »

    I'd love a lightweight version that didn't have the auto-assist feature, but the rest of the features are about perfect.

    Well, i still consider it being lightweight :D
    speaking of lightweight and performance:

    @All: If i have something like:

    if ( CheckThis() and CheckThat() ) then

    And CheckThis() returns false, will CheckThat() be actually executed?
    If i have something i check very often ( in some OnUpdate() function ) it'd like to arrange the commands and checks in a way so they are as quick as possible.
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