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    Hi wowacers,

    I've been a huge fan of the wowace modding community for a long time and there is really just one need for a solid mod that I can't seem to find anywhere. I've been running raids for a long time and one of the largest roadblocks I find in the process is running the wait list to get into the raid.

    I know in an ideal situation the raid group will go on without subs but more often than not something comes up and we want to have subs on hand that are waiting and ready to jump into the raid. I have tried a number of other wait list mods off of curse-gaming and while they have good features none of them provide a complete solution. What I need in a wait list mod is the following:

    - Whisper management so that my guild can hit word triggers to add/remove or set up an alternate contact name to the mod.
    - A fast way to post the list to either Officer, guild, raid, party or maybe even whisper chat so that we can pick which sub to use from the list.
    - AFK check to confirm that everyone that is on the list is actually there and not afk-leeching.
    - Finally and probably most importantly, I need a way to hook the wait list into my attendance for eqDKP. Right now the waitlist is all manually entered which is just an added burden on my data entry people.

    I'm hoping there is a mod out there that can do this already and I simply haven't been able to find it.
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    Hello, I've been following this mod for a while hoping to figure out how to get my guild on it. The problem is that our DKP system doesn't match either of the included modules and I was wondering if any of the other guilds out there were up for sharing their modification to this mod.

    Right now my guild is using a straight auction style bidding system with points awarded by time (on time, 2 hour time blocks, stayed the whole raid).

    If needed I'll get my local modder working on this module and submit it to be added to the DKPmon website but if someone has a it already done and is willing to share I'd really appriciate not having to recreate the wheel.
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    This is the same question I had. I noticed that flying mounts are not supported by Autobar, same deal with some of the new healing potions
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    I've been going back and forth between ArcHud and Icehud and for the most part I've found archud to be the better hud. The only feature that I think would really help Archud is being able to scale the buff/debuff icon size for the target.
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