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    some feedback:
    - Once it had indexed a directory, it will never forget it it seems. I cleared out my addons directory except for the 'Blizzard_' ones, and the curse client refused to detect that i had removed all my addons. Worse, even when pressing 'update all addons' it refused to do that
    - When i click the package list, i expect it to download it if it doesnt have it yet. Now i was searching, and then had to remember to click Get List.
    - It couldn't find fubar_volumefu, while it is in the ace repository (though outdated)

    Since WAU is also broken on my laptop, i'm doing stuff by hand again

    This was all on the client, which i expect to be the one to use ? (the whole change is not very transparant since i also installed the official curse client which looked nicer but couldnt pull from wowace)
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    posted a message on Pitbull Update.lua:103
    open PitBull\Aura\Update.lua

    on line 98 it says:
    duration = time

    change this into:
    duration = timeLeft

    And then reloadui or restart the game. Solved the problem for me at least.
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