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    Which totally sucks as it is one of the best map addons out there. (and 3 is not really functioning yet)
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    Having issues in multiple addons with this. Autobar specifically on line 128 of AutoBarClassBar.lua "Couldn't find inherited node: SecureStateDriverTemplate"
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    Quote from Toadkiller »

    Looks right for the old version of AutoBar. Did you do a reset on the profile tab?

    No, I did a /rl and a relog, but no reset of the profile, perhaps that is the issue. (can't test it right now)
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    Am I confused, won't this add the totem spells to Shammy char layer:

    In AutoBarProfile.lua-
    AutoBarProfile.SHAMAN[23] = { "TOTEMS" };

    In AutoBarCategory.lua-
    AutoBarCategoryList["TOTEMS"] = AutoBarSpells:new(
    "AUTOBAR_CLASS_TOTEMS", BS:GetShortSpellIcon("Fire Resistance Totem"), {
    "SHAMAN", BS["Disease Cleansing Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Earth Elemental Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Earthbind Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Fire Elemental Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Fire Nova Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Fire Resistance Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Flametongue Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Frost Resistance Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Grace of Air Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Grounding Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Healing Stream Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Magma Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Mana Spring Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Mana Tide Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Nature Resistance Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Poison Cleansing Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Searing Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Sentry Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Stoneclaw Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Stoneskin Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Strength of Earth Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Totem of Wrath"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Tranquil Air Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Tremor Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Windfury Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Windwall Totem"],
    "SHAMAN", BS["Wrath of Air Totem"],

    In AutoBarItemList-
    ["TOTEMS"] = {
    ["description"] = L["AUTOBAR_CLASS_TOTEMS"];
    ["texture"] = BS:GetShortSpellIcon("Fire Resistance Totem");
    ["spell"] = true,

    In Locale-enUS.lua-
    ["AUTOBAR_CLASS_TOTEMS"] = "Totems";

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