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    posted a message on Boycot screenshots.cc please
    Well I'm glad this has sparked a little debate as it is clearly an emotive subject. No body likes being told what to do least of all me so this is really just a call for people to show a little respect to others that might not want to have explicit images pop up unexpectedly on there screens, especially if they are browsing at work or school.

    If I'm at home I'm not fussed a little mild porn even Marge Simpson getting rodgered senseless from behind is ok :) I wouldn't want my boss catching that thou.

    And to folks that have posted saying "well don't click the link". Ok well I could and I am now being mroe careful to hover over links checking if they are screenshots.cc now but other people might not. Just I did on several occasions I just wanted to have look at the nice UI your running and bang girls tits on my screen.

    Just have a little thought for others is all.

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    posted a message on Boycot screenshots.cc please
    Hi Guys

    Can we please stop using www.screenshots.cc to post your screen shots please? I spend looonnggg luchtimes at work browsing the forums, checking out the screen shot and having porn pictures pop up on my work laptop isn't great at all and I imagine it is not acceptable to a lot of other people as well.

    Here is an example of what I'm trying to avoid. DONT CLICK IF YOU DONT WANT PORN!!!!
    Quote from Cala »

    The latest:

    There are plenty of image hosting sites that don't have pictures of naked girl.


    Just to get you going ... Thanks.
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