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    Would it be possible to add a simple rating to the addon list? e.g. like the thottbot-comment-rating-system ( Score 0.75 Vote: [-] [+]) or the stars-system on warcraftmovies.com?

    A "read on"-button for the addon description (or sth similar) would be great, too, to have extended descriptions

    I am having the problem that I don't want go through all the Ace-Addons and try them out, I started to to that more than once but I gave up when I was on page 13 or so...^^ but I don't want to miss addons which are really great either, so a rating (ranking option by rating would be even better) would be very helpful.
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    Option to hide a frame

    Is there a chance that this feature will be implemented in near future? Would be great if I could just type /eepanels hide #4.
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