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    I love seeing a new actively developed boss mods, especially one where the author is so open to ideas and input..

    I'm currently at work so I havn't had a chance to use it yet, but I've gone through every page and post in the thread and just have a couple of questions.

    1. The one thing I love about BigWigs, is how the entire screen flashes Red/Blue (with optional shake) when something happens to you specifically. (Legion Flame, Polarity Switch, dark/light switch on twin valks, fire on beasts, etc). Does this addon have this feature? If not, I would LOVE this feature. That feature alone made me choose BigWigs over DBM.

    2. I see you're in the process of developing a range checker, something that would be nice - specifically for healers on fights like northrend beasts is if someone comes in your specified range, to /s or /w something to them. (Obv you'd want to be able to toggle this).. A lot of fights require DPS to move AROUND healers, and sometimes DPS can get tunnel vision which is completely understandable when there's so many other elements to a fight.

    3. The arrow mechanic, for example if someone beisde you gets something like legion flame, will it tell you to move out of the way?

    4. Also, there is nothing more annoying to me as being a healer when you have a douche bag raid leader the blames wipes on healers 99% of the time. It would be awesome to implement a feature, that can be toggled (or just checks your spec possibly), and if you're a healer and silenced you can /s or if you're a raid leader you can check other members of the raid for silence and announce it possibly? aka mistress's kiss being cast on you when your mid cast heal = instance silenced.. If you had the addon check for common silences in encounters and announce them, that would be amazing.

    5. Would it be possible for a priority based warning system? Example, a snobold getting on melee dps .. not much of a big deal, tank - again not such a big deal.. we can take care of those after.. Snobold on a ranged? Definately a deal.. On a healer? Everyone needs to switch to this. I'm not sure how one could go about actually displaying the different priorities beyond mentioning the role which would defeat this purpose all together since any raider should know the role of any raid member... but still an idea.

    Anyways, sorry for the mass amount of questions/requests.. and I do plan on installing this as soon as I get home. Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this addon so far.
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    I went from the first post to the 15th page, excuse my ignorance if this has been mentioned.

    You could detect stacking of lifeblooms easily enough by seeing if it's been cast on the same target more than once before the timer expires, up to a max of 3 times, then after that if the timer hasnt reset but its been cast on that target again, the timer resets at its max stack of 3..

    should be easy enough, id think...
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    love you :P
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    One of my favourite addons.. any chance anyone knows of a fix for 2.4?
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