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    Yep - very strange was working fine in game until about an hour ago. :/
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    [please move to most appropriate forum]

    I think much of the drama of the last few days could have been eliminated had there been seperate beta and release repositories. When the WAU first came online it was nice for many dev's of addons and beta testers wanting to be on the bleeding edge. However, many guilds now require Threat-1.0 - it is updated often so we need to run WAU often. WAU is mainstream and very popular. It is common for peeps to run WAU, login to run raids or group activities that require those precious addons that we have come to love. Sudden global changes effect our game play and could effect our ability to raid, PVP or whatever.

    Duel repositories would eliminate dramatic changes and dramatic reactions.

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    Quote from st0nedpenguin »

    Quote from Yelina »

    To be honest. I'm not very happy with the 'new' cartographer.
    Nothing works properly anymore. Its a complete mess and tons of errors.

    To be honest, if you're not happy about having to deal with little hiccups like this, using a UI site and downloading actual releases rather than downloading bleeding edge code from the SVN/files page is probably the best bet.

    A massive change like this should never auto update through the WAU. Not very professional.

    This should be a new product.
    Plus Yelina is right, it is a complete mess and waste of many peoples time.
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