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    I must add i was / am a massive fan of Omen 1 and would like to see that simplicity back in this version, also a few little bugs atm i have found

    Misdirection - Showing as hunter threat rather than the player who has been misdirected

    Void reaver - Not adjusting for tank knockback threat therefore giving inaccurate results

    also it's now seems to be incompatible with KTM threat meters and its new complexity is causing quite a disruption in our raids.

    If you could get the new features as optionals and the choice to have a classic simple omen that worked with ktm etc that would be awsome :)
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    im posting about a few issues with Omen2 i was wondering if there was some sort of read me file available for the new addon because as cool as it is its slightly confusing now with different modes etc, and i find it visual setup more complex than the original. As a guild there has also been a few bugs we have encountered the first been that it doesn't seem to communicate with KLH KTM threat meters causing great disarray in our raids and secondly when the tanks get the knockback from void reaver it doesn't deduct the aggro giving false readings, i hope these will be fixed as i find the addon excellent.

    Also on a final note hunters misdirections do not seem to register as the tank's / MD targeted person, but instead showing as aggro for the hunter himself.

    thank you for your time

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