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    I tried to get SanityBags to refresh at an event like PlayerLeavesCombat, but till
    now unsuccessful...

    after I log in, and reload the interface, my items are sorted in the right bag
    when I change the sortingorder (natural, name,...) it also updates so that any
    item is where it belongs...
    so I tried to bind it to an event, which occurs periodical, so that new items
    go in their respective bags

    but I am unable to call the right function (or with the wrong args?) which does the
    same as if I reload the UI/resort my bags

    its a perfect addon for the huge disorder in all my bags, but as long as the
    filters are rarely rechecked, I search for an item often in the wrong bag...

    I hope You still plan working on SanityBags, or if You don't have enough time,
    perhaps you could tell me, what I must call that all my bags are resorted

    (as I said, after an UI reload all bags are sorted right, after a manual sortorder
    change the actual bag is filled with everything which belongs there...
    but I don't know how to do this myself as /run or in the lua itself...every
    function I callrf did nothing or anything but what I wanted it to do ;) )

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