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    posted a message on RhadaTip (accurate xPS values on tooltips)

    • Why should I update from 2.1.0 to 2.1.1?
    • - New, cleaner tooltip (the "New Total Gear xPS" line is red if it's a xPS loss, green if it's a gain, and contains the actual amount between brakets).
      - Added support to the deDE, frFR and esES clients.
      - Added Emblem of Triumph trinkets.
      - Added Lord Jaraxxus 25 men trinkets.
      - Added Faction Champions 10 men trinkets.
      - Hyperspeed Accelerators bug fixed.
      - Trinkets also have the new style tooltip.
      - Fixed a socket bonus bug.
      - Socketing an equipped item correctly refreshes the tooltip values.
      - Added gem tooltips to the selected gem in the corresponding dropdown menu.
      - Added help tooltips to explain the meaning of almost every frame, including an example where applicable (can be turned off at any time).
      - Changed the colours of the frames to make them slightly better readable.
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    As reported by a user on my addon page, the following happens turning on my addon and autobar:

    I am using Autobar and after installing Rhada Tip, Autobar stops functioning and I receive the following errors:

    [2009/06/23 11:21:52-144-x2]: AutoBar-v3.01.02.23 beta.778\AutoBarSearch.lua:537: attempt to index local 'itemData' (a string value)

    [2009/06/23 11:21:56-144-x1]: AutoBar-v3.01.02.23 beta.778\AutoBarSearch.lua:565: attempt to index local 'itemData' (a string value)
    : ?
    AceEvent-2.0-91091 (Aloft):264: in function `TriggerEvent'
    AceEvent-2.0-91091 (Aloft):910: in function <...face\AddOns\Aloft\Libs\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:903>

    When I disable Rhada Tip, Autobar works fine and error free. What RhadaTip does is adding extra lines to tooltips.

    Can you maybe help me out to fix this issue?
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    posted a message on RhadaTip (accurate xPS values on tooltips)
    Thanks to a curse.com user I've finally fixed the Hyperspeed Accelerators bug, I'll include that in the next release, likely coming to add support to more 3.2 trinkets.
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    posted a message on RhadaTip (accurate xPS values on tooltips)
    Quote from Morgalm
    Haven't dug deep enough to figure if this really is related to your addon but when I enable it I get this error:

    [2009/08/08 22:46:53-8866-x1]: AutoBar-v3.01.02.23 beta.778\AutoBarSearch.lua:537: attempt to index local 'itemData' (a string value)
    and Autobar quits working. Only when your mod is enabled though.

    That is true. It's one of the two issues that I've ever met. The other one was Auctionator causing an error in my code. Sadly this error happens in the Autobar code, so without the developer's help, I can't do much, and Autobar has been discontinued.
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    RhadaTip is the most advanced in-game gear evaluator and optimizer, also coming with a built-in gem optimization tool and scales.
    Here is what the addon is about:

    • What does RhadaTip do?

    1. Item V.S. Item comparisons (to know how much dps this new badge item will grant to you, how many dkp you should bid on this newly dropped raid loot, etc).
    2. 1.2 RhadaTip support trinkets comparisons.
    3. Full gear evaluation, and projected full gear value (as the result of swapping the tooltipped item with the currently equipped item).
      2.1 This means that the item comparison is always accurate. Limiting the scope of the comparison only to the two items themselves will produce highly inaccurate results (as a consequence of passing the hit cap, breaking a tier set bonus etc).
    4. 2.2 Thus, RhadaTip supports the hit cap and tier set bonuses.
    5. The comparison between items and setups can go n items ahead of your current gear, up to the best in slot configuration if you want, by using the combination of RhadaTip and WoWEquip.
      3.1 This is extremely useful. An item that is a small dps gain at the moment, might be a good dps gain (or a dps loss, for that matter) after having changed another item. As an example, an item drops (ie. a new pair of bracers). It is a small dps gain for you at the moment. You are only two emblems away from getting a new pair of legs. Before passing or bidding dkp, you might be interested in knowing what kind of dps gain those bracers would net to you also factoring in the new pair of leggings that you are about to get. Using RhadaTip and WoWEquip, that is possible.
    6. 3.2 This is also much more useful for the average raider than a simple BiS list. The best in slot list is actually quite useless considering that those items are only the highest dps items when you combine them all together, and less than 0.00001% of the raiders will ever get them before the next tier is released.
      3.3 Easy, on the fly comparisons between your full gear set and that one of other players.
    7. RhadaTip links your current setups to your currently active talent tree. Swapping the active talent tree will automatically swap all values within RhadaTip. This (for example) means no overhead for a RhadaTip user changing from restoration to balance before a raid.
    8. RhadaTip comes with a gem optimizer. The gem optimizer's use is twofold.
      5.1 On the left handside it shows the best gem of each colour, based on your currently set scaling values.
    9. 5.2 On the right handide, it will compute for you the optimal gemming of any item, be it an item that you already own (and therefore might be already gemmed), or an item that you don't already own. It will also show what gain you will get by regemming, so that you can better evaluate if it is worth going for it.
    10. It comes with a collection of pre defined scaling values accessible by the /rt pv slash command. These values are mostly taken from ElitistJerks or SimulationCraft for maximum reliability and actuality.
    11. One-button-optimizer for the whole gear. Clicking this button, RhadaTip will scan your equipped items plus all the items in your bags, compute which combination will result in the highest gear xPS value, and equip it.

    The addon can be downloaded from curse.com or wowinterface.com.
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    posted a message on Insane tooltip bug with RhadaTip and Auctionator
    I actually have found out a pattern. The bug only happens if the item tooltip has more than 8 lines.
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    posted a message on Insane tooltip bug with RhadaTip and Auctionator
    Hello everyone. After having spent quite a lot of time trying to figure it out by myself, I'm helpless and have to come to you in order to understand what is going on.

    I'm trying to figure out a compatibility issue between my mod RhadaTip and Actionator. I'll post you 2 images:

    This first one is obtained with RhadaTip and Auctionator both turned on

    This one is obtained turning off Auctionator instead.

    As you can see, if I turn Auctionator on, it still says that there are 9 lines in the tooltip, but it doesn't print the last one, since it's nil (here is the code)...

    for i=1,tooltip:NumLines() do
        if getglobal(myScanTip .. "TextLeft" .. i) ~= nil then
            mytext = getglobal(myScanTip .. "TextLeft" .. i)
        local text = mytext:GetText()
    This only happens on few selected items that have apparently no relation with eachother.
    It has nothing to do with the line itself, as for example a similar "critical strike rating" line is parsed without problems on the boots.

    I'm so lost, does anyone have any idea?

    Thanks a lot,
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    posted a message on Chronometer (Ace2'ed AceTimer)
    Quote from KnThrak »

    That happens because someone else's Corruption fades, for example.
    Could be fixable though, just when there's a "Corruption ends" in the log, check the Blizzard info on how long your DoTs on your current target still have to go.

    At least for Bossfights, it'd be accurate then.

    i thought about it, what i dont get is that sometimes a whole night seems to go perfect, and some other nights/bosses it happens every second.

    so i can expect this to be fixed with next version hopefully?
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    posted a message on Chronometer (Ace2'ed AceTimer)
    Quote from Seerah »

    It's been mentioned a couple times in this thread previously, actually. Chronometer only parses your combat log and displays information that the combat log gives. It doesn't track per your target or focus (that was just added in 2.1 and other mods do do that). If a mob with the same name as the mob you have a dot on or have poly'ed DIES, then the bar for that DoT or debuff will disappear. It's either be inaccurate one way (bar disappears too soon) or the other (bar stays up for full duration even if mob dies or poly broken, etc).

    that is not the case tho, since it happens on raid bosses with 90% hp left
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    posted a message on Chronometer (Ace2'ed AceTimer)
    i have a issue with chronometer.

    some nights/fights it works just fine, but sometimes it keeps removing the bars representing my dots for no reason.

    i see bars of a just casted corruption disappear (fade, go into ghost mode, anyway you get what i mean) right after 1 second, or maybe 4 seconds before their expected end

    i thought that this could be correct in two circumstances: the raid boss dispells, which wasnt, or 40 debuff slot limit was reached, which wasnt too.

    anyone can help me figure this out?

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