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    Quote from Seerah »

    *ahem* Actually, cnc is back, recoding FB2. Not sure if he started over or not - I couldn't use the last version myself, anyhow. :) But there were a few commits to it by him the other day.

    Yeah, I have already seen this. He started adding Waterfall, but on the other side, many other things are gone (most of the Lua files and code). Additionally his last login date to the forum still is April 5th... I hope we will get more Infos and more Flexbar soon. *pray* *pray* *pray*
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    I tried Infinibar, Bartender and Bongos but none of them has the options and flexibility that I would like to have. I hope someone still reads this thread an could help me. I know Lua well enough that I think I could get a working UI with flexbar.

    I created a button which is shown (no problem so far). But I cannot put a spell/macro/... onto that button. The button remains empty. I already tried ...:UnlockIcon() but that had no effect. How do I put the skills onto a button?
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    posted a message on Fubar causing buffs to vanish
    Here it is the bars for Buffs, Debuffs and the Minimap. They don't vanish, but get moved out of the screen.
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    posted a message on Missing deDE Translations in Babble Zone :(
    I haven't tested it, but the translations should be:

    ["Twisting Nether"] = "Wirbelnder Nether",
    ["The Veiled Sea"] = "Das Verh\195\188llte Meer",
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    Finally I found the correct German translation for Participant\CoolDown.lua (the old translation never worked):

    L:RegisterTranslations("deDE", function() return {
    	["gain Soulstone Resurrection"] = "Ihr bekommt 'Seelenstein%-Auferstehung'",
    	["gains Soulstone Resurrection"] = "bekommt 'Seelenstein%-Auferstehung'",
    } end )

    Additionally I think I have found a small bug at line 150:
    		if string.find(arg1, L["gains Soulstone Resurrection"] or string.find( arg1, L["gain Soulstone Resurrection"]) ) then

    In my oppinion this should be:
    		if string.find(arg1, L["gains Soulstone Resurrection"]) or string.find( arg1, L["gain Soulstone Resurrection"]) then

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    posted a message on oRA2
    I found a missing translation for deDE in oRA2\Participant\CoolDown.lua:

    After line 33 add:

    ["gain Soulstone Resurrection"] = "Ihr bekommt 'Seelenstein-Auferstehung'",
    ["gains Soulstone Resurrection"] = "bekommt 'Seelenstein-Auferstehung'",

    This should fix the problem, that your soulstone cooldown won't update (Had no time to test it right now).
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    As I have found no topic for MobHealth3 so far, I just start a new one.

    I have noticed two things:

    1) A localization is missing. I noticed this in line 175 and 369 --> (creatureType == "Beast" or creatureType == "Demon")

    2) I think the event "UNIT_NAME_UPDATE" should be registered. Sometimes a mob transforms into another one and changes its name, confusing MobHealth3. I think it is enough to register the event and add these lines:

    function MobHealth3:UNIT_NAME_UPDATE()
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames (Release 7/19/2006) alpha version
    I don´t know if this was mentioned before and I don´t like to search through all previos posts ;-)

    1) I am missing the possibility to group the party pet frames.
    2) Is there an option to show all the frames without being in a group/having a pet/...?
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    posted a message on FuBar_oRA2CooldownFu
    Bug report:

    I am a warlock and the soulstone timers work nicely except for my own timer. It seems, that FuBar_oRA2CooldownFu don´t send a message to the other raid members (including myself). It seems as if my soulstone was ready all the time.

    Btw: I am using the german client.
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    posted a message on oRA2

    I have just switched from CTRA to this addon and I think it is really great.
    But I have two feature requests (or perhaps it is already in but I haven´t found it):

    1) MainTank bars: As a damagedealer I don´t need to see the main tanks, I just need to know about their targets. It would be nice to have an option for just showing the main tank targets (similiar to what CTRA is doing)

    2) I am really missing the CTRA RaidStatusBar, which is really customizable and gives a fast overview about your raid. This even works in groups without synchronizing. Would like to have something like that in oRA2.

    Keep up the good work :-)
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    Yesterday evening I wrote down all the Razuvious shouts that I´ve seen so far. Using the german Client those are:

    starttrigger1 = "Die Zeit des \195\156bens ist vorbei! Zeigt mir, was ihr gelernt habt!",
    starttrigger2 = "Streckt sie nieder... oder habt ihr ein Problem damit?",
    starttrigger3 = "Lasst keine Gnade walten!",
    starttrigger4 = "Befolgt meine Befehle!",
    starttrigger5 = "Stellt euch und k\195\164mpft!",
    starttrigger6 = "Ich fange gerade erst an!",
    starttrigger7 = "Zeigt mir, was ihr k\195\182nnt!",
    starttrigger8 = "Ihr ent\195\164uscht mich, meine Sch\195\188ler!",

    Another possibility would be, to start the trigger everytime Razuvious shouts something. I am not really sure about it, but I think he does not shout between his "shouts" (you know what I mean^^)
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