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    Druid Problem.
    I have been using WinAceUpdater to keep my ACE based mods up to date. About a week or so, I noticed a few times like Bar 1 would go completely blank. I could never draw a correlation as to what I was doing to cause this, I would just notice that it would go blank.
    Dragging and dropping the icons back to the bar would "repair" it, but eventually it would happen again. This last time I tried /reloadui and that seemed to fix it, but now ALL of my druid form bars got screwed up.
    I had to recreate them all, and when I switch to cat form and add icons, I see them when I switch to bear form. Moonkin did the same thing until I dropped the number of buttons down on the form to where it uses my default stance buttons (which is what I had working for Moonkin before).

    Can someone tell me what I am doing to cause bar 1 to go blank that only a /reloadUI seems to fix it? Also can someone tell me why the bear and cat form bars are no longer seperated?

    I went back to the beginning of the January posts to see if anyone reported this problem, and I see that it was potentially addressed in previous updates. However I am running the absolute latest one (I just checked WinAceUpdater again today and it had no updates).

    Thanks for the help!

    I am having a similar problem too. When I first log in, bar 1 works just fine. Then when I shift into cat or bear form and then shift back out, bar 1 doesnt work. It will only work when I am in cat or bear form after I have shifted. When I am in caster form and I press a key for a heal or w/e skill that I have on bar 1 atm, it says that I have to be in cat form/bear form. Anyone know what the problem may be?
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