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    Quote from Phanx »

    I've come up with a fix for the first issue (bar not updating when you shift out of forms). The problem was that when your power type (mana/rage/energy) changed, it was only calling a function to update the bar's color, not its values. The issue wasn't apparent when shifting into a form, because once the amount of your mana/rage/energy changes, the bar gets a correct update. But if you shift out of a form, either you'll get a delay until your mana regen kicks in, or if you have full mana, you won't get an update until you use mana.

    Anyway, for the fix, change line 176 of ag_UnitClass.lua from this:

    to this:
    self:ObjectRegisterEvent("UNIT_DISPLAYPOWER", "UpdatePower")

    I didn't notice any adverse effects during my brief testing on my level 42 druid, but I suppose it's possible there are negative effects somewhere... seems safe enough though! :p

    Thanks alot, I was really getting annoyed with it, I'll test it asap and report back! ;)
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    posted a message on AG_Unitframes: a few requests from a Druid

    I recently began using your ag_Unitframes, and so far i've been loving them. However there are at the moment 2 major things i'm concerned about (indeed, so concerned it made my create an account on this forum, so if i missed any forum customs or stuff like that, i apologize):

    - ag_Unitframes does not update instantly when shifting out of forms (cant recall atm if it does so when shifting in but im certain it does not when shifting out). For instance; if you are in catform and you have 30% energy, shifting out will cuase the energy-bar (now in fact mana-bar) to still represent 30% while the actual mana it should be displaying might be something completely different.

    - There is no Druidbar support. This was one of the major points that made me choose Perl some time ago, and it is still the reason im considering going back. I can see that, to a non-druid, this seems trivial but when the standard Blizzard UI does not offer anything like it and it is vital to success in both PvP and PvE, i sincerely hope you implement such a function before the release of Burning Crusade when we're gonna need it for leveling. Even something as simple (i presume, i only poked around a little in the source, but it looks very well structured i must say) as making that which currently works as the XP-bar show your Mana while shapeshifted would be more than enough :)

    Other than that, may i congratulate you on a most successful Addon!
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