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    Quote from HunterZ »

    Disagree. What developers don't understand is that the SVN *is* now the primary end-user distribution point for Ace addons. Users don't want to go to 25 sites and manually update their addons when they could get it from one place (with a variety of slick auto-updater tools, no less). The Ace community has grown beyond developers, and even beyond testers; not acknowledging the end-users as a valid part of the community is downright silly - seriously.

    Exactly. You can make philosophical arguments that the SVN should not be used like this but the SVN is how users get there addons. Not recognizing this fact doesn't help anyone.

    Please forgive my ignorance, but is there no way that code could be checked in with some indication of whether it is release ready or segregated in some way? That would help WAU protect regular users from unnecessary frustration and protect mod authors from being insulted and attacked when they introduce new bugs.
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    Thank you for all the work being done to maintain and enhance this site. Ace2 addin from wowace.com have become an important part of my WoW experience.

    I look forward to enhanced searching/sorting functions that are coming, but is it necessary to split up the data into multiple pages? It is a strong pet peeve of mine to have to navigate through multiple pages like this instead of having a single list that can be scrolled through. The strength of this feeling should be demonstrated by the fact that I was finally motivated to register on these forums. :)

    If you absolutely must break it up, can you please
    1: break it up into fewer groups and
    2: put links that are more descriptive than numbers such as the name of the first addin on the page?
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