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    I had my Mana and HP bars texted like this: CurrentHP | MaxHP | Percentage. Much like "Absolute and Percent", but with no short numbers (12900 should not be shown as 12.9)

    This will no longer work for me since yesterday. Any ideas for a costum made text for health and mana bars?
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    Quote from Fulnir »

    Go to status > Range > set it to your preference.
    Go to frame > Frame Alpha > Click range check.

    That worked for me, now grid works as it used to with the OOR alpha.

    Even with this hint, i am not able to get Grid behave like it used to do before the range check changes.
    I simply want to have my units greyed out if they are out of my chosen range. That`s all -.-
    Now Grid simply show other health bar colors if they are oor.
    Any tip for me?
    Sorry for being nub :)).

    And many thanks for Grid btw.
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    posted a message on [Pitbull] Problems with bar graphics /// Focus Frame /// Profiles

    both my ToT and my ToToT-Frames have the same configuration, but still the graphics of their bars are pretty different, which annoys me a lot:

    Furthermore this happened to my focus frame:

    I cant add name, class, health, power text.

    and last: How can i copy the char profiles properly? The menu just doesnt work for me.

    Many thanks for your help. I really appreciate Pitbull btw, these are very great.
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