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    I will miss WoWAce Updater. I was an end user and couldn't find anything that matched its functionality.

    I enjoyed its usage and cry that it is gone. I think it is with a heavy heart I will have to leave WoW for a while. I do not have the time to try and find a new addon manager plus with the economy being so bad. I just can't really justify a game that I don't play but 4 hours a week.

    I thank those that paid for hosting the app. If I would have known that me using wowace updater was causing so much pain. I would have donated or paid a subscription to use it. I wish that a different solution would have been put in place.

    My Ideas:
    1. Make Curse rewrite their addon utility to use the guts of WAU.
    2. Rewrite WAU to become subscriber based so that it only allowed access to the directory with a username and password.

    OH and by the way... You didn't sellout. You did the best you could to maintain the Wowace community and have provided a great service for years to the wow userbase. Do not feel sad or upset by the posts of others. I commend you and your tireless loyalty to the end user.

    Soon to be X wow player. (Might be back in a few months.)
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