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    I think the only thing CastOptions and BuffOptions have is auto-targetting, which WILL break in the Expansion, if not sooner.

    I still like NeedyList.
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    Well the Mortal Kombat Guy wasn't really an animation, it was a static picture which was moved up the screen a little bit, then back down ;)
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    matryx, I wouldn't really call you a casual player, or a typical casual player. Most casual players play at about your schedule, but they do not put nearly as much effort into planning and trying to be "perfect" at their level as you have -- that's more like a hardcore player who just hasn't had a lot of time to play. "Casual" not only defines how much they play, but HOW they play.

    The whole "power separation" argument doesn't go very far. When there immense differences, e.g. the level 60 molten core sets, perhaps I can see the argument - but again, what is the point in trying to collect all of these items to give yourself an edge, only to be told that no, sorry, you're too powerful so we'll put you on your own.

    Yes, there are immense differences between a Rogue at Level 29 with 1900 Health unbuffed and Dual Fierys / Lifesteal enchants vs a Rogue at Level 29 with whatever greens he could get his hands on and aproximately 1100 health. The former Rogue could take down two Rogues near his level, assuming equal or less skill on their parts.

    In the battles I face in Warsong Gulch, I regularly come up against paladins with dual crusaders, or dual lifesteal. That doesn't stop the fact that with skilful playing they won't get near enough to use them. At level 24, before I had most of my gear, I was nearing the top of the tables, and by level 26 I was consistantly in the lead.

    When you try match after match and get jumped and killed within 1 second without being to do anything...and you're a Warrior at the maximum level for that bracket with quest gear for your level, you learn nothing. No skill is gained. All they have learned is that they can't PvP and it's either because of their gear, their skill, or both, and they don't know how to improve it.

    The battle of twinkers vs the average player is akin to a guy with a loaded machine gun and a bulletproof vest taking on someone with a small handgun and one or two bullets. Sure, you can kill the guy with a machine gun, but you need to get a clean headshot and only have up to 2 shots.

    When a new player or someone without a lot of PvP experience in general or without experience with that particular class goes to Battlegrounds, they are already at a huge disadvantage in skill vs the average twinker. This is something which is fine and should be so, but when you add in the twinker's immensely powerful gear, these players have an almost impassable wall to cross to get any good PvP before they're able to either get better gear or somehow grow skill without practice. That's something a new player won't be able to do, and a real casual player doesn't have the determination for.

    Ultimately, no matter how you look at it someone is going to be disadvantaged in PVP. Either the person who is just plain lower level (21 vs 29 is a big difference!) or those with better equipment.

    Your example leads one to believe you're attacking a straw man here. Yes, there will always be a disadvantage, as I've said before. In levels, in skill, and in gear. Nowhere have I said I wish to remove that disadvantage completely. In fact, in my original post on the Suggestions forum, I specifically said a possible gear disadvantage would still be in place and that would be fine. Let's review the possible disadvantages, in the order of their usefulness to your enemies or so:

    Skill -- Anyone can gain skill with their class and how to PvP, within reason.
    Levels -- The game is based on levels, this is a trivial point. Anyone can gain levels.
    Gear -- Getting better gear requires completing difficult quests and/or farming. Thankfully, it's mostly instances which provide the best gear, and the game already steers you into experincing instances by giving you quests. As well, quests can tell you to go to other areas, which may have better, yet far more difficult quests. WoW\'s questing system is pretty robust in this regard.
    Enchants On Gear -- Now it gets trickier. You need a high-level enchanter to enchant your items for you. This requires a seperate player and cannot be done alone, unless you farm gold for days and days without moving up levels and get yourself up to 200+ enchanting at level 19 or 29, which would be an absurd notion to 99% of the player population. So instead, you need to find another player and have far more money then most have at your level.

    There are probably other disadvantages, like ping time and hacks, which Blizzard is already trying to fix to the best of their ability.

    You may as well go the next logical step and make everyone clones when they're in battlegrounds. Set everyone to level 60 with identical gear to level the playingfield... and where's the fun in that.

    You're putting words in my mouth. Let's go over the attributes again -- Ping + Levels + Hacks + Mods + Gear + Skill + Enchant On Gear + Personality + Class. I'm not even removing ONE of these, I am lessening its impact.

    My point is ultimately, why should my playstyle be penalised? All the effort I put into it should surely be rewarded, otherwise what's the point?

    Lots of things that are unfair can take a lot of effort to complete. Lots of things were nerfed in the past that people took a lot of time and effort to obtain -- Unstoppable Force, Invulernable Mail, etc.

    Let me end with this -- I have been playing a LOT of WSG about since it came out. I don't really twink myself, although my gear is pretty good for my level. I play as I level -- play WSG for a day or two, then level 2 more levels or so. And as I have played, 9/10, people on my side quit playing WSG for a while (either during or after the battle) because they are up against overwhelming forces. Time after time again, I see them try to just get into simple fights and die within a second or two. Usually their gear is decent for their level, but they lack skill. Against forces with skill AND better gear, I seem they get frustrated and just give up.

    People complain and complain about the wait times for BGs at the lower levels, and this is one of the reasons. Twinkers may make up a large portion of the active low-level BG population, but they make up an extremely small portion of the total possible active population. Until this issue is resolved somehow, either by my suggestion or another, continue to see people getting frustrated and quitting over these unfair fights.

    I, personally, am a hardcore player who likes to play a lot and I think I have a good amount of skill. I don't care how much of an advantage I have over my opponents, nor how much they have over me, as long as I am having fun. And me having fun means playing as much WSG as I want to. I am one of the majorities, but another majority is quitting over these imbalances. If I can hope to lessen the imbalances to bring them back, that means more WSG for everyone. If things stay as they are, I won't quit WSG, but there'll probably be less and less matches to play.[/quote]
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    Firefox here, double here
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    At the top of PetFrame.XML

    <Button name="PetFrame" frameStrata="LOW" toplevel="true" parent="PlayerFrame">
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    Quote from "matryx" »
    Personally I disagree with the item enchant suggestion you gave.

    my *main* character is only level 29 - I spend all my time between Warsong Gulch mining and skinning to make up money so that I can improve my abilities for my level, and those high level enchants I purchase may take a day or two to save up for, but why shouldn't I be allowed?

    Yet most people don't, and won't, do this. An alternative to farming for money for enchants would be farming for the best greens/blues for your level. It simply puts a cap on how much farming, for an alt or for your main, can effect your ability. Your gear, enchants and all, should not give you too much of an advantage. This is the reason why 50-59 and 60 were seperated.

    If people claim it's unfair, then where do you draw the line? I have a near full set of blues which again I've saved up for and paid for - should I be excluded from the fight because I put more effort into my setup instead of levelling?

    The line was already drawn when items had level restrictions and were made BoP.

    Most new or casual players will come in to a PvP situation with just whatever gear they've got from questing and drops while questing. When facing the WSG levels of 10-39, you're often faced with up to 5 enemy twinks on the other side who are all but unkillable due to your gear vs theirs.

    What is a new player to do in that situation? Most won't know how to go about getting the money together to twink themselves. Most will just get frustrated and give up on PvP until the situation changes, which is about when they start doing a lot of instances (around Level 40). Casual players will just give up, since they're, well, casual -- taking everything in stride.

    Many people argue "Well it doesn't take very long to get to Level 40". This is true. However, first impressions are everything. There are a lot of PvE oriented MMORPGs out there, so it definately wouldn't be prudent to restrict WoW low-level PvP to alts vs alts or (non-gold selling) farmers vs farmers. Remember, for every 10 people that make a new WoW account, 1 of them might actually have enough IQ to be groupable with ;)

    The bottom line here is numbers. The number of people who take the effort to well twink out their characters is dwarfed by the number of new or casual players who are negatively impacted by their actions.
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    I made these suggestions. I thiink I should have said "Nerf Rogues OMG" because they're not getting any replies -_- Are they that bad?

    Player DK System with no honour loss -- http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?fn=wow-suggestions&t=602467&p=1&tmp=1#post602467

    Item Level Capped Enchants -- http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?fn=wow-suggestions&t=602450&p=1&tmp=1#post602450
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    Quote from "tekkub" »
    Quote from "Thrae" »
    My code works, but it doesn't surpress the "Not swimming" error message. Don't know how you'd do that without hooking the alert function.

    Gah so you're doing it the same way I was planning as a hackjob means... guess I'll just keep trying to find a consistant way of detecting underwaterness (which means it'll only work if you've got a breath timer up...)

    Well like I said, these are just personal functions, and I don't personally care about the error message ;) There are problems with checking the breath timer too...

    - If they are swimming above water or just a tiny bit below the surface, they don't have the breath timer, yet can still shift into sea lion.
    - Need to check if they have an "Unending Breath" buff.
    - Need to check if they are using the Hydro Cane.
    - Need to check if they are using the Deepdive Helmet.
    - Need to check if they have the "Air Bubbles" buff (from being near an air bubble rock).

    I think it would just be far easier to hook into the alert/error message handler and catch the "Not Swimming" error and null it if inside your function. It would add a tiny bit of overhead to error reporting, but we can only hope Ace will minimize that.
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    Ah sorry, I usually hang around EFNet Linux channels and I'm not used to Freenode's ##
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    Quote from "Rowne" »
    Those are good but ...

    I may have to take you aside for a few hours to explain the merits of OO and the evil, badbad-ness of procedural. You shouldn't be showing people procedural code because it might convert them back into bad, evil coding habits of the proverbial Warcraft dark ages. We don't want that, we've risen above that! We don't want to go back to those days of forums where man ate man and code was almost purposefully destructive. We're more evolved than that now.

    Was that satire? Yes.

    Aside from the procedural thing though, those're good functions! They'd make good Utils too, check out the Open Util initiative.

    I'm regularly a C coder. My version of OO is structs and camelization with VeryLongButWellNamedFunctionNames ;) These functions don't follow that logic, though. They were just something I threw together when my macros became too large, and also because my guildies asked for them.

    Quote from "tekkub" »
    Hrm... I might rip that mount up code for MountMe, if ya don't mind. I wanted to handle druid forms as well but need a clean way of handling underwater.

    My code works, but it doesn't surpress the "Not swimming" error message. Don't know how you'd do that without hooking the alert function.
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    Here are some functions I made for myself:


    List of functions:

    -- Anybody: Should only be true if you're in one of the Battlegrounds instances.
    function Thrae_InBG()

    -- Anybody: SelfCast the given spell if no valid target.
    function Thrae_SelfCast(spell)

    -- Anybody: Returns the bag and slot number for the given item name.
    -- Give anything for the second argument to supress the error message.
    -- Return: Bag Number, Slot Number
    -- Error: Returns nil if not found
    function Thrae_FindItem(itemname, noerror)

    -- Anybody: Searches through your bags and attempts to use the given item just given it's name.
    function Thrae_UseItem(itemname)

    -- Anybody: Use the given instant spell, then use the given item in your backpack.
    -- This is done with ONE BUTTON CLICK (unless the item or spell is cooling down, then one or both fail)
    -- You can either give the item's slotnumber in your backpack (faster) or the item's name
    function Thrae_InstantThenItem(spell,item,bag)

    -- Anybody: Use the given instant spell, then use the next given spell (if possible)
    -- This is done with ONE BUTTON CLICK (unless either spell is cooling down, then one or both fail)
    -- Give any 3rd argument to selfcast the 2nd spell cast if no valid target
    function Thrae_InstantThenSpell(instant,spell2,selfcast)

    -- Anybody: Set the Main-Assist!
    -- This will be the function you use to set the main assist.
    -- It uses the current target if no name is given.
    function Thrae_SetMA(name)

    -- Anybody: Assist the Main-Assist!
    -- This will be the function you use to assist the previously set main-assist. Best done in a macro.
    function Thrae_MA()

    -- Druid Function: All-Purpose Travel Form
    -- If in Bear or Cat Form, exit Form
    -- If in No Form, and moving, shift to Travel Form
    -- If in No Form, and underwater, shift to Aquatic Form
    -- If in No Form, and not moving, and Mount item location in backpack given, attempt to Mount
    -- If Mounted, Unmount
    -- If In Travel Form, exit Travel Form
    -- If In Aquatic Form, exit Aquatic Form
    function Thrae_DruidTravel(mountslot)

    -- Shift to given form and equip its item to your MainHand, or shift back and equip the 2nd given item
    -- Give any argument to the fourth argument to disable equipping while in BGs (but still shift)
    -- Requires Wardrobe addon to work!
    function Thrae_ShiftAndEquip(form, mainhand, offhand, bg)

    -- Druid Function: Exit Any Form, Then Go To Given Form
    -- Or, just exit Form if already in form
    -- Just call this twice!
    function Thrae_DruidShiftTo(form)

    -- Druid Function: Totem Killer!
    -- Use Moonfire(Rank 3) to kill Totems/Wards
    function Thrae_DruidTotemKiller()

    -- Druid Function: Nature's Swiftness Instant Heal!
    -- This is done with ONE BUTTON CLICK (unless Nature's Swiftness is cooling down).
    -- Uses Lower-Rank Healing Touch if low on mana
    -- Casts on self if no valid target
    -- Give any argument to silence message
    function Thrae_NS(silent)

    -- Druid Function: Self-Cast Innervate If No Target, and Announce Innervate Cast
    -- Give any argument to silence announcement
    function Thrae_Innervate(silent)

    -- Druid Function: Entangling Roots / Hibernate
    -- Either cast Hibernate or Entangling Roots, depending on the target type
    -- Give any 1st argument to silence announcement
    -- Give any 2nd argument to try using Nature's Swiftness before casting
    function Thrae_DruidCC(silent,ns)
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    I'm in #ace on Freenode and no one's in here...
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    I needed something just a little more "colourful" then ReacTips, but maybe I should hack that instead ;)
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    In my constant effort to reduce memory usage, I've been trying to find a replacement for TipBuddy. This seems a worthy replacement, although it may need to be hacked for users of MobInfo2:

    AF_Tooltip Mini -- http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=2206

    11KB (AF_Tooltip Mini) vs 88KB (TipBuddy) just in filesize alone.

    I'm going to hack it to see if I can get MobInfo2 working again, and allow Mouse Anchoring for ALL tooltips.
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    Quote from "tekkub" »
    I thought AUF was an Ace'd DUF, have you tried it out?

    /em continues to wait impatiently for AceBar..........

    No, AUF is a framework for making Unit Frame addons made to help Thisterhall port over Perl's Unit Frames as "AcePerl". Unfortunately, it has a few outstanding bugs, especially with party pets -- and as a healer, I need them. I am impaitently waiting for the next version of AUF. I already started modifications to AcePerl to suit my own tastes, but ran into the bugs and stopped as the next version of AUF might null some of my changes.
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