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    posted a message on SKG for non guildmaster and PUG groups
    One of my frustrations with a lot of raid management addons is that they assume that either the GM goes every time or that everyone that goes is in the same guild. I know there are exceptions (Zarkwizard's addon is pretty awesome but far too expansive for what I need).

    I'm looking for something like SuicideKings Geo that doesn't require the guildmaster to manage it, and that lets me insert people into the list, even if they're not in my raid (because I need to put in the current list) or my guild.

    See... I lead this raid every week, and use SK loot distribution because it's basically a glorified pug, due to the fact that my guild (which consists of basically only me, and my GM toon is not 70) belongs to a metaguild. So I might end up needing to manage a list of 200-300 toons, about half of which are alts, spanning about 20-30 guilds.

    Yes, it works. We kill Mag every week with people in blues, greens, purples, whatever. It's a social event more than anything else (hence the lack of points), but people are still interested in 'teh lewtz0rz'.

    I've been managing it on a Google spreadsheet, up to now, but that's getting tedious, so I would like to propose an addon that

    Is guild agnostic
    Allows someone to manage an SK list
    Records attendance at a kill/event
    Supports list/attendance editing outside of a raid
    Exports to some list friendly format (XML, CSV, whatever).
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    posted a message on ZOMGBuffs Official Thread
    I have had a recent issue where ZOMG insists that my character is resting, and so refuses to do anything.

    Oddly, it thinks I'm resting, even in the midst of dungeons while in combat with other things.

    My current fix is to manually toggle the addon, but I suspect that the addon is not behaving as desired.
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    posted a message on ZOMGBuffs Official Thread
    Because the error reports are so long, I've attached it.

    I get it upon login every single time I've logged in for the past week or so. I'm not sure how the bug interferes with use, as I've been playing a hunter, and it keeps telling me to turn in Aspect of the Cheetah while I'm in combat, so I asked it (politely) to shut up and am ignoring it.

    Note, I get the same error even when I have *only* ZOMGBuffs installed.

    Also, while I normally run with externals disembedded (as you'll note from the error file), when I removed everything, and run with ZOMGBuffs *with* externals embedded, I get the following error

    ...ffs\libs\LibBabble-Class-3.0\LibBabble-Class-3.0.lua:15:Cannot find a library instance of "LibBabble-Class-3.0".

    I have tested this with 68142.
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    posted a message on JWowUpdater - A new java addons updater for ace2
    First: Awesomeness. Thank you.

    Second: Where does it back up my WTF folder to?

    Third: ????

    Fourth: The scroll window acts wonky. After I have it update addons, and it spews text about what it's doing, if try to scroll back up to see old messages, it doesn't update properly (parts of the window don't move, and other bits of it do, so everything gets muddled). If I Maximize the window so that the vertical scroll bar goes away (if it's a short update), all the text is there, and I can Restore and it looks fine, but if I try to scroll down, everything looks wonky.
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    posted a message on Tiny addition for LibRangeCheck-2.0.lua proposed
    Stick in Hunter's Mark.

    i.e., make the Hunter Harmful spell section look like

    HarmSpells["HUNTER"] = {
    	75, -- ["Auto Shot"], -- 8-35 (Hawk Eye: 37, 39, 41)
    	1130, -- ["Hunter's Mark"], -- 100
    	2764, -- ["Throw"], -- 30
    	19503, -- ["Scatter Shot"], -- 15 (Hawk Eye: 17, 19, 21)
    	2974, -- ["Wing Clip"], -- 5

    (I don't have SVN access to make the change myself.
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    posted a message on Pitbull / cowtip showing syntax error in 2.4
    In general, the wiki for dogtag-2.0 seems a bit off. CurHP does not work (though HP does). SmartHP gives a syntax error, as well, but it *seems* like HP includes that functionality.
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    posted a message on DrDamage - Official Thread
    I have a level 60 Paladin and seem to have some incorrect healing numbers.

    Relevant talents are:
    Healing Light 3/3 (+12% healing)
    Sanctified Light 3/3 (+6% crit on Holy Light)
    Holy Guidance 5/5 (+Int Spelldamage and healing, with an INT of 237)

    My default tooltip for Holy Shock says that I do 365-395 healing (or damage).
    DrDamage suggests I should be healing for 846 on average.
    Holy Light tooltip says 1590-1770 vs DrDamage saying 2356 on average.
    Flash of Light says 348-389 vs DrDamages' 603 on average.

    The most I have ever healed for with Holy Shock is 570, Holy Light 2233, and Flash of Light 595. After rather a few hundred casts, it seems very unlikely that I would never get a single heal above the projected average calculated by DrDamage (though I admit it's possible).
    The most I have ever healed for with Flash of Light is 595
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    posted a message on Detox
    I haven't had the opportunity to mess with Detox and the felhunter, but it worked about a month ago.

    As long as the scanning code is in place, and Detox knows "Devour Magic" as a magic dispelling deal, it should work fine, since the syntax for casting pet spells is the same as for casting player spells.
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    posted a message on Detox needs your help
    Quote from xelepart »

    Remove Lesser Curse: (that is what you meant by "Remove Curse" right?)
    Hand on no target,
    Hand on enemy,
    "Nothing to dispel" on friendly without a curse.

    From my understanding, it's only the "remove magic" types that cast on enemies. Well, that, and the paladin spell that dmages enemies and heals friendlys, depending on the target. :)

    And obviously, buffs cast no matter what (abolish *), and one-shot spells don't. :)


    I believe the priest spell you're refering to is "Dispel Magic".
    The paladin spell is "Holy Shock" and has no curative properties; it only heals. (Odd to think that healing is not a cure...)
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    posted a message on Fubar version of Titan Stones
    Then perhaps you could go to the WoWI portal and add a feature request.

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    posted a message on Fubar version of Titan Stones
    SnaFu + ShardAce
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    posted a message on Detox needs your help

    On Purify and Cleanse, I get "Nothing to dispel" if I have a friendly targeted and a Glove if I have an monster targeted.
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    posted a message on XAD
    Um... It says that it's attached to my bags, but ... I don't see anything. Does it matter that I don't use any bag mods, unit frames, or bar mods? (on this character, anyway).

    Also, I noticed the lack of an .XML file in the addon directory. Awesome!

    er... not so awesome. Setting it to standby creates a bug. This bug prevents Bugsack from showing it's sack so I can't tell you what the error was. Reloading the console to try to get at the bug disabled all my FuBar plug-ins.

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    posted a message on Ace'd KTM?
    We had a warrior that complained no one else in the raid (specifically the tank) ran KLHTM, so he didn't know when to stop DPS'ing bosses.

    The collective response was "lern2play".

    As it stands, the only reason I run CTRA is because I lead a couple of raids, and it helps with management. When I'm not leading, I don't bother to install it.

    :) SnaFu does everything I need in a raid.
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    posted a message on SnaFu v1.81 Soulstone Monitor, Now with robustier comms
    Please refer to the accompanying documentation.
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