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    I tried the Java link on my Macbook Pro, with OS X 10.4.10 AND the latest Java from java.com and STILL the application says that it wants JRE (versionen 1.6.0_01)...

    I play Poxnora regularly on the Mac, so I know that Java webstart works.

    Mac's only have JRE 1.5.x, Not 1.6.x, so we lose =(

    Not true, Java 6.0 is available from the apple developer website: connect.apple.com

    You need to register as member and then you can download it and install on any mac running 10.4 or 10.5 (there are 2 separate versions)

    How ever?

    When you try to use it (it load with no issue) you get a message "No database recognized" message (see included image). I think this is due to the fact that it does not look in the proper location on a Mac, apparently it only search in the user folder...

    Using the zipped files, it import the lua files with no issue, but to actually have the data while playing, I had to copy the lua file inside the saved variables manually...

    cfish, can you help out here?

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