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    The only other bars listed are bottomleft, bottom right, etc etc. Are those the ones i need to use? and if so, what bar numbers do they correspond to?

    Those are for Blizz's additional bars. What you want is to go way down the key bindings list where it gets into mod specific key binds. B3 Empty Bar 1 (or whatever it's called) is for your bar 2, Empty Bar 2 is for your bar 3, etc.

    I am experiencing the same issue as poddo. I'll try to provide as much detail as possible.

    I've used about three different releases of Bartender 3. I can't provide exact version numbers, as I've never had a problem with it before and have simply deleted the old version once I downloaded and installed the new version.

    With the version that I downloaded and installed today I cannot bind to anything other than Bar 1.

    The first version of Bartender3 that I used I could assign keybindings directly from within the Bartender3 mod either by going into the Bartender 3 control functions from the mini-map button and choosing the bar and then choosing and assigning each key binding.

    With the second version, key bindings were assigned through the Key Bindings option from the Blizzard UI menu you get when you hit ESC. There was a section for each individual Bartender3 bar listed there, and key bindings worked exactly the same as assigning a key binding to any of the Blizzard provided bars.

    With the new patch today, I downloaded and installed the latest version of Bartender3 that I could find to ensure the most up to date functionality possible.

    Upon installing, I can now only assign key bindings to Bar 1. Bindings are assigned through the Blizzard key binding controls just as they were in the previous version. I only have the option to assign a key binding to Bartender3 Bar1 Button 1 through 12. There are no other Bartender3 Bar key binding options available, and I have scrolled all the way down meticulously looking for them.

    I do have a minor workaround that I'm using right now. I temporarily turned on the Blizzard bottom left, bottom right, and both of the far right bars. I arranged my talents and skills on those bars and assigned the hot keys that I want to those bars within the Blizzard UI, and then disabled those bars afterwards through the Interface Options.

    I don't remember the exact correlation, but Bar 3, Bar 4, Bar 5, and Bar 6 within Bartender3 are directly related to those four bars. I.E. if I drag the attack button from my spellbook into button slot one on the bottom left Blizzard bar, it shows up in button slot one in Bartender3 Bar3. (Not exact, but you should get the idea.)

    This allows me to have keybindings, but they are not displayed on the Bartender bar and it's still somewhat annoying.

    As a side note, I did do some testing to try to determine what the issue was. I deleted my entire World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns folder. I then deleted my entire World of Warcraft/WTF folder. I then deleted my entire World of Warcraft/Cache/WDB folder. I then loaded the game and logged into one of my toons on a completely clean installation. Afterwards I installed the latest release of Bartender3 and no other mods. The key bindings issue was still occurring at that time with no other mods installed.

    Hope this helps to shed some light on what is going on.
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