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    Quote from Lewzephyr »

    Quote from Jncl »

    I think that this is caused by other Action Bar Addons, as the error relates to moving ActionButton1, can you try without the Action Bar Addon and see if the error persists please.
    If this is the problem then please let me know which Addon is causing the issue and I will try to fix it :)

    Bongos. Disabling it, the error goes away.

    by the way.... Thanks for your al your hard work on oSkin.

    /bongos reuse (make it reuse WoW default buttons rather than it's own) looks to have made it go away for me.
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    Quote from PProvost »

    This assumes that the author embedded the libraries and added them to the TOC. It surprises me how many people don't get them all when making FuBar addons.

    Maybe we need a tool that checks the code of an addon, and verifies that all referenced libraries are embedded, and added to the TOC?
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    Quote from mooja »

    i got the "XAD\Core.lua:198: attempt to index field `buttons' (a nil value)" error with the link on the first page >.>

    The error still exists in the version 12800 recently uploaded to the SVN/files.

    Edit core.lua and add 'buttons = {}' at line 33. It should look like this:
    XAD:RegisterDefaults('profile', {
      position = { x=0, y=0 },
      locked = true,
      rows = 2,
      quite = false,
      size = 32,
      textsize = 20,
      buttons = {}

    That will give you empty buttons which you can then drop items on.
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    Quote from Devla »

    I use oSkin with the built in Bottomframe/Viewport options customized.

    I noticed recently that when taking screenshots, the screenshot shows the blank space used by oSkin:

    I never saw this when using CT_ViewPort, so I'm guessing there's a way..

    I see the blank space in all my screenshots from November 2005 when I started using CT_ViewPort up to a week or two ago when I realised oSkin could do viewports, and in all my oSkin screenshots as well.

    Seeing as they both call Blizzard APIs I doubt there's anything that can be done, unless it's possible to hook the hide UI call and toggle the viewport at the same time.
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    posted a message on Prat: Chat Mod Framework
    I didn't see it on the to do list on the wiki page, so...

    Please add the ability to change the number of lines of text kept in a window's history.

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    I've got it: ToastMaster
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    posted a message on The future of idChat2
    Tossing out a few names:
    • AceChat
    • ChatModules
    • mChat
    • flexChat
    • ChatStyler
    • talkStyles
    • WordSmith
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    Quote from xtabit »

    Quote from ZealotOnAStick »

    First, lemme say - I love oSkin, and its continual improvements and added frames.

    Raid frames seem to be broken for me again. Using r11714, I still get this on Raid Frames:

    When not in a raid, the frame is skinned correctly. However, when in a raid, the entire thing shifts down and right several pixels each direction.

    What's really weird, is the CTRA tab displays correctly however.

    i have the same error.

    Me too, though after porting to Org I noticed that it was back in the right place. (I don't use CTRA.)
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    posted a message on Announcement: Server going down tomorrow night.
    Quote from Kaelten »
    However some dns propagation may take longer.

    You're probably doing both of these already...

    It's usually a good idea to drop the DNS TTL down to a few hours before you make the move, and put it back to normal (typically 1 week) with the new info.

    Putting a redirect on the main page of the current server is also a good idea :-)
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    Quote from Curney »

    Done. idChat2_Justify now supports left, right, and center justification.

    To go with right justified text, can you please add an option to idChat2_Timestamps to put the timestamp on the right?
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    Quote from Friendly »

    I would love to get player raid targets aka something like http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info5244.html

    Seconded! PTs are the only thing I'm missing.
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    Why are you adding pet management abilities to a mod that keeps track of soulstones (which it does well)? I'd rather see it in a separate mod that I can enable or not as I choose (I currently use servitude).
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    MobInfo2 2.97 can be found on Curse, http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-1850-1-mobinfo2-includes-mobhealth.html
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    It looks like it gets spell names from your main bar, even if the spell is on another bar. e.g. when I hearth (position 12, bar 6), I get a one hour cooldown display for the spell in position 12, bar 1. The same happens for spells/abilities on other bars. I use CT Bar mod.
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    posted a message on how to find bad addons.
    Have a look at KLHPerformanceMonitor. It should give you an idea which mods are using the most CPU or memory.
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